Wednesday, October 11, 2017

The Marijuana Breeding Program

Here is the Breeding Program for the Temple.

We are using Hindu Kush, Banana Crack, Strawberry Stardawg, Strawberry Diesel, South African Kwazulu, Malawi, and a few other strains, such as the Colorado only Danky Kong, which was created in Colorado and has not really spread everywhere yet.

The decision behind the strain selection was not random, we are not just making our own Strain, we are making a Strain that is not like any other strain. In order to explain this in context, a few things need to be explain. First, you have probably heard of “Kush” Strains, and if you haven’t, you just read about one here in the Hindu Kush Strain, which is actually the best example; because, Kush Strains come from the Hindu Kush Mountains, the word “Ganja” comes from the Ganges River, and the word “Indica” means “From India”. And there are strains from all over the world, but the first seeds were thought to be carried by humans from the Hindu Kush Mountains. Everyone has heard of Skunk, which is another strain, which birthed the UK Cheese Strain. Then there are the US Strains, like Trainwreck (not a landrace), and OG Kush (not a landrace), etc, and the OG Kush, Tahoe OG variant (not a landrace). There are Central and South American Strains that are mostly Sativas, like Acapulco Gold, and Colombian Gold, and the Amazonian Indica (a landrace Indica is rarity in American strains). Then there are the Rudaralis, which are not Indica or Sativa, but a 3rd Strain that grew up in the cold areas around Russia and China, and they do not use the Sun to determine flowering season, but a time-frame. These can be mixed with Indicas and Sativas, which creates “Autoflower” strains. Then strains like White Widow were made from Brazilian landrace combined with Thailand landrace, and strains like White Rhino, White Russian, etc, were made from White Widow. Same with Bubblegum, and all those. And last on this list, but definitely not least is African Strains. When the British and Dutch ruled India, it seems that seeds from Asia made their way to Amsterdam and eventually made their way to America; but African strains have not really made their way out of Africa. Durban Poison, a South African Strain, is the only Strain that has really spread around, but this is also because of the British connections to South Africa. So there are a ton of African Strains that no one is really using; and when they do use them, they don’t breed them, and when they do breed them, they Generally breed them with each other, or just once with another plant, not a whole Breeding Program.

So, before I explain the actual Breeding Program I need to explain 2 things. 1st THCv and 2nd Terpenes. First, THCv is a rare Cannabinoid. THC is the most common, along with its variants (THCa, Delta-9-THC, etc), but recently CBD has become popular, and people have begun breeding CBD strains the same way they breed THC Strains. White Widow is called that because it is covered in Crystals, and that was new for the 70s or 80s or whenever it was bred. Then White Russian became the Highest THC strain for a while, and now just about every year a new strain comes out with a higher THC content than the highest one last year. And they are beginning to do this with CBD also, but literally no one but the Shaivite Temple is doing this with THCv. We are breeding African Strains in order to create a tradition of higher and higher THCv content every year. Then there are Terpenes, we are using strains like Banana Crack and Strawberry Stardawg and Strawberry Diesel in order to create strains with more Terpenes. Terpenes are the Smells and Flavors that are the make up each Strain’s smell, and are what makes Sativa and Indica different in effect; because their main ingredient is THC, so the differences come from the other substances present in the plant. And because Durban Poison has been combined with other strains to create great flavors (Cherry Pie is Durban X Grandaddy Purp; Girl Scout Cookies is Durban F1 X OG Kush), mixing African Strains with strains that are already known for having great flavors, should bring out better flavors.

So here is the breeding program:

With “A” being “African Strains”
With “B” being “Aromatic Strains”
With “C” being “Commercial Strains” (Hazes, Kushes, White X, Skunks, Diesels, Cheeses, etc)



(A X B X C) X (A X B X C)
(A X B X C) X (B X A X C)
(A X B X C) X (C X A X B)

And during that part, we may also cross in more pure As and Bs, so something like.

((A X B X C) X A) X (A X B X C)

This is our breeding program, and we will be giving away free clones and seeds all along the way, and when we are finished.

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