Wednesday, October 11, 2017

The Encyclopedia of Religion

Most people in America go their whole lives experiencing 1 Church, or a few Churches, and then either sticking to one or becoming and Atheist, and maybe they learn about Islam, or Wicca, or Gnosticism, or Sufi Islam, or Theosophy, but most people never sit and read about as many Religions as they can. Sufi Islam and Theosophy get close, and while that did seem to be Madam Blavatsky’s goal (she had been raised in a Historical/Religious/Occult/Secret Society, Library and had tried to show the underlying Truth behind all Religions; but I am not sure her Legacy has been properly upheld, Nicholas Roerich is another example. But everyone should take the time to read about all Religions.

This is the Encyclopedia, an extensive Encyclopedia of Religion that has been Quoted by the US Supreme Court, so it can be used it Court Cases (Church of Lukumi Babalu Aye V City of Hialeah).

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