Wednesday, October 11, 2017

New Website (

I created a new website, so I may post things on this blog every once in a while, but I will mainly be posting on the new Website.

I am breeding a THCv Marijuana Strain, the first seeds will be read in 2 Months from this Friday (2 days from today). So the website will have all of that. We will also be teaching people how to make hash, and we will be proving PDFs for various Historical and Religious Texts from around the world for Free so that people can access them through our Website. We will have various teachings on there as well, involving everything from Religion, History and Law, to Chemistry and Neuroscience. We will also be giving away Free Seeds from the strains we create, and Organizing gatherings for people to Trade Strains and meet up.

So here is the New Website, it will grow over the next year and will eventually become larger than both of my blogs; and it won't take long. I am going to be breeding these strains, as well as going to conventions and 4/20 rallies, and traveling to places like Mexico and Armenia. So all of that will be on the Website.

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