Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Nation Building: Definition

Common Heritage of Mankind– something that no one can really own, but everyone can use. Examples are the Ocean and Space.
Sealand (A Real Country)
Embassy or Diplomatic Mission– a group of people from one State/Country, who own land in another State/Country, and work to establish treaties and accomplish goals in that Country/State. Once the Diplomatic mission establishes permanency it becomes an Embassy and the head of the Embassy is considered the Ambassador. Embassy can also just refer to the building or office that the Diplomatic mission is operating from. Once a Treaty has been signed with a recognized Nation, a Nation becomes a Recognized Nation. For example, the United States was first Recognized in a Treaty with Britain, then in a Treaty with Morocco, and that is how the United States first became Recognized as a Nation.
Tribe– the societies that exist outside of States. The State is equal to the Greek Polis, with its own sovereignty, and ability to join other states in a Union, League, etc. The people come together at the Agora (Capitol Hill in America) to make decisions, this is the state. Tribes are much more loosely governed. Tribes can be a collection of families, or a collection of religious groups, etc. and usually have some form of leader, either chosen based on the Tribes specialty (the best Hunter, or the best Warrior, or the Best Artisan, or the Oldest, etc) or by Heritage, Vote or Circumstance. Tribes who have Treaties with Governments are usually recognized as their own form of Government.
Club– a collection of 2 or more people that have come together for some common purpose. A Community is similar, except that it is a looser organization, and usually they just have the same values, not necessarily the same or even similar goals.
Gang– any group of friends or a family unit that has a leader. For example, if there is a military family who all look up to 1 Grandpa figure who first joined the Military and started a tradition, that is a form of Gang. It is not an Organized Crime Gang, but it is a form of Gang. Gangs were originally just groups of people that would brawl over turf, kind of like in the Outsiders book, but then eventually people started buying Guns, then the FBI did the COINTELPRO to bring down the black community and disorganize the legitimate groups, and in the 70s Crack and Heroine got big, and now everyone thinks of Gangs the way they do now.
Village– smaller than towns, and are not necessarily Incorporated. Depending on the State, a Village can just be a town that has formed with its own Government Body, but a smaller population than a town.
Township– the most basic form of Town. In America there are 2 forms of Townships, a Survey Township and a Civil Township. A Survey Township is just a unit of land that has been measured properly by a Surveyor, a Civil township operates like a County, in some states they are treated like a regular “Incorporation” type town. Civil Townships exist in 20 of the 50 states.
Town– incorporated and follows State laws to form.
City– just a big town in most places.
County– Administrative divisions designated by a state.

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