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Epigenetics in Plant Breeding

These are two 27 year old Monkeys, the one that was given less food than he needed every day is on the right.

I personally had the idea of Epigenetic breeding before I even knew what Epigenetics was, and when I learned what Epigenetics was, it completely proved my theory; and my theory was also based on evidence. What gave me the idea for stress breeding was Bouncing Bear Botanicals. They had San Pedro Cactus in like 2006 or something that was labeled “SS” which stood for “Super Stressed”. And since the age of 14 I had started reading everything I possibly could about Alkaloids, so when I found out that their theory behind “SS” was that alkaloids were a defense mechanism, and many plants had been shown to have alkaloids appear in larger amounts when introduced to slicing, stabbing, burning, and other forms of “Super Stress”. Their’s were Cacti that had been grown in harsh conditions, and stabbed and slashed. And the possibility was that that would have caused it to have more Mescaline.
Now THC is not exactly an Alkaloid, and no one knows if Stressing it will bring more out (so let’s find out). But UVB does bring out THCv, to protect from the UV rays. So there probably are ways to bring out more THC. And who cares if it brings out more in that particular generation, you can get the next Generation to be stronger, with higher THC content because of the stress of the parents. Epigenetics proves this.
I remember an old grower who said he had heard about people who used to hammer a nail into the stalk of their plant to make it produce more THC. And then someone else told me that they had known an old grower who would take his plants just before flower, and tie a cinder block to the top and stretch it out, then the branches would grow upwards like 3-6 plants, kind of like SCROG.

Most people breed plants by looking for “Vigor” and Vigor is usually a good sign that it is a good breeding plant? I actually will not water plants and let a bunch die; kind of a “only the strong survive” type test, and then only grow the ones that survive, because the other ones die. With the seedlings I started off with 1-7 seeds from each strain, and I now have 1 plant from each of those strains, because I let all the others die from underwatering, or being taken over by the other ones by being blocked from the light when their siblings got too big, or from the other ones taking over their Jiffy pack with their roots. So I don’t just look for Vigor, I look for Survivors.
Because my goal in Breeding originally was this:
I had come from Texas with 3,000 bagseeds or so from some bright green, Texas brick weed that was not bad except for that some energy had gone to making all the seeds. And I was using my Epigentic theory (before I knew about Epigenetics) in order to breed a “Ditch Weed strain” meaning that it was meant to be Johnny Appleseed-ed, and they would have good genetics for people to pull out of ditches, and people would not be mad to get pollen from a good Ditchweed. Basically just trying to make a strain that could survive anything, and basically make an American landrace.
Now I am basically doing the same thing, but with better genetics. I am going to be giving out seeds and clones, and mixing various landrace strains, and finding the plants that are survivors and have the best flavors and smells and THCv content. It’s just that right now I am not as focused on the survivors, I am just breeding the plants for now, and will be focusing more on the survivor aspect in later grows, once I have a good strain. But I will always find the best plants by letting a few die.

You know how you have probably had the thought that White people came from Cold, and then someone told you that it was more complicated than that, or just straight up told you you were wrong?
According to Epigenetics, you weren’t “wrong”, but you weren’t getting the whole picture. Epigenetics says that the likely reason for White people, is more likely a mixture of factors, 1 not the Cold and the Snow like a White Rabbit using Camouflage, but White people’s skin is actually due to a lack of UVB rays; which could either be accounted to the Climate, or living in Caves (like how you can see through a Cave Fish’s skin, and they have no eyes). Then there is also the possible factor of Albinos coming from Africa (Albinos are still taboo in many African tribes) and mixing with the Cave/Cold people, which is called “Recombination” of genetic material. For example, if one of the 2 sets of Darwin’s Finches made their way to the mainland, then on the mainland 2 groups were made because of a Mountain range that separated 2 groups of the 1 set for like 100,000 years; then at the end of that 100,000 years that new 3 species goes back to the island and breeds with the first one; Recombination. Then there is also the factor of things like Sickle Cell and Lactose Intolerance in higher rates in non-White genetics; the Sickle Cell is a protection from Malaria (and White people don’t have that protection), but Lactose Tolerance could be from living on Dairy in the Caves. Cheese and all that is just rotten milk and lasts a long time.
And all these factors had small effects on White DNA, making White people.
A more short term example is a test they have done with Mice, as well as the Monkey test where one Monkey was given less food than it needed over 27 years and it was much more vital (fuller hair, standing taller, etc) than the one that had gotten all the food it needed during the 27 years. In the Mouse experiment they took a mouse and had her live in a room with an electric floor, and they would put a lemon scent in the room, and shock her randomly. Then she got pregnant and when she had babies, every time they smelled lemons they would freak out like they were being shocked.
There are tons of experiments that have been done, and this is a completely accepted Science. And it’s not Human Science, or Mouse Science, or Monkey Science, it’s Genetic Science; so it applies to anything with DNA.

And just an example of how something like Lactose Intolerance would be turned to Lactose Tolerance. Everyone in a society that can’t survive on cheese because their body won’t take another animal’s rotten milk, dies, and everyone left is the new Genetic forefathers of those people. There may be many things that used to be poison to some humans, no one knows, because everyone that was allergic enough to make things like Broccoli or Beef poison to them, are all pretty much dead if they existed. There are a Million mutations that Humans may have gone through that are actually gone now, we just don’t know because it wasn’t the right mutation at the right time. Or the people with the mutation to accept it are the only ones left. Same thing happened with Ebola and the Plague.

Just an example of what someone could do:
If you literally infested a room with spider mites on purpose, then grow plants in that room for years, and breed only the ones that it seemed like the Spider Mites were ignoring more than others. Then eventually you might have a Spider Mite resistant Strain. There have already been mold and fungal resistant strains such as Holland’s Hope, created for outdoor growing in Cold, Wet Climates.

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