Wednesday, October 11, 2017


A word that everyone should know. Every Natural Medicine, every Man-made Medicine, everything that enters your body and goes up to your brain or some other part of your body and does something, is usually an Alkaloid. THC is not officially an Alkaloid, as the official definition of Alkaloid is this:
any of a class of nitrogenous organic compounds of plant origin that have pronounced physiological actions on humans
And THC is not nitrogenous.


But it has been theorized that THC exists in the plant in order to keep it from molding from water, and works something like the oil on a Duck’s feathers, because THC does not dissolve in water, and works exactly like oil, and dissolves into oil. THCv is theorized to have developed in strains in regions closer to the equator because of the UVB rays, similarly to Melanin in human skin; white people are more likely to get skin cancer because they do not have the Melanin protecting them, THCv is the exact same but for plants.

And this is why Alkaloids all exist. Poisons in plants, Medicines in plants, Psychoactive substances in plants, these all exist for various reasons. And it has been shown that plants will produce more Alkaloids when exposed to harsh environments. For example, if a Hot Pepper plant has branches and leaves ripped off, and is somehow stabbed by nails a few times so that the nails grow in them, or if it has branches that bend and snap but don’t break; it will actually contain more Capsaicin (the spicy Alkaloid in Hot Peppers). This has been tested with Cacti which contain the same Alkaloid that the Peyote Cactus contains (Mescaline, San Pedro Cactus; a common garden variety of cactus that is 1 stalk or a few stalks with a big white flower). And it has been tested with Phalaris Grass/Canary Reed Grass, which contains DMT and 5-MeO-DMT. When these plants experience high stress, they produce more Alkaloids.

And just for an example of a Medical Alkaloid (and this is how most Western Medicines are made), the plant Datura/Jimsonweed (a common garden plant with big white or purple flowers and thorny seed pods) contains various Tropane Alkaloids, such as Tropine. Tropine is an anti-Spasmatic, and the Datura plant is a representative of the Goddess Kali on this planet, and often times Sadhus will combine Datura and Cannabis buds, as well as Snake Venom and Cannabis buds. Tropine has been altered in the Western World and has become “Benztropine”, they simply added a Benzene ring to the Molecule, put a patent on it, and sell it as an anti-spasmatic.

But I wanted to make these points for one reason. Not only is it possible to raise the Alkaloid content, and possibly THC content of plants, the fairly new Study known as Epigenetics proves that when plants are stressed, it can actually pass on genetic markers that make the next generation stronger.

Here are a few examples of things that you can try:

  • Use a Razor blade to cut your plant in half, and it will grow more like 2 plants with 1 root system.

  • Stab a Nail or Thumbtacks through the stalk of your plant

  • Tie a Cinder block to the top of your outdoor plants a few weeks before Flower, and the bottom will act like a support beam, and the side branches will grow as if they are their own plants.

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