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Send This to DACA Recipients

Part 1 

I am going to explain my trip to Mexico in like 2010 when I went there  just to prove to everyone that Mexico is not dangerous, and that the  best way to experience Mexico is by going when and where there are no  White people on vacation. This will also help DACA recipients who end up in Mexico think about how it might not be impossible to get integrated until you can come back and bring other people here with you. Everyone should look up the O-Visa, and the case Church of the Holy Trinity V The United States. Religions can get people in legally.

I went like a month after Spring Break,  and I went to Hermosillo, then Kino Bay, and then ended up in Old Kino  Bay, then back in Hermosillo. And most of the people I was hanging out  with could not speak any English, except for the one main guy who called  himself "the Mayor" and had lived in America and had a Wife and Kids  but was deported. And one guy who could sing Bob Marley songs in  English, but that was all he could do in English. And I can barely speak  any Spanish, but can pick up certain words based on what they sound  like they mean, and I know what a good number of words mean, but I  navigate usually by asking questions like "Que es X in Engles?" or "Que es X in Espanol?". I went during the time when PAN (the National Action Party) was still in office, who took office after PRI (Industrial Revolution Party) had been the party in office since the Mexican Revolution. And PRI took office again with Enrique Pena Nieto. Josephina Mota was the PAN Candidate. Mexico is a lot more Political than America is, in that if you sit on a computer in Coffee shops or Bars, people identify you with one party, if you are younger and play soccer and stuff, they associate you with socialism; and people will fight over Politics quick. In America people are all like "The violence, the VIOLENCE!" in Mexico its just like, a Political fight.

I  dropped my car off at a Self-Storage and parked it inside, then I got  on a Bus to Mexico and I went through Arizona at Nogales. There was  literally no Security check, I didn't have to show anyone my passport or  anything, we just walked into a room and there was a stoplight with red  and green, and everyone pressed a button and usually it turned green,  but they had it set up where maybe every 100 it would turn red, and then  they would check that person.

From there I went to Hermisillo  and got off at the Bus Station and found a Taxi driver to take me to a  Hotel, then the next day I went out and found a Cantina (I was only 18  so I had never been to a bar in America), and there was a guy who could  speak English and he told me that I should go to Kino Bay. So I asked  him how to get there and he showed me where the bus to get there was, so  then I went back to the Hotel and went up to that Bus Station and went  to Kino Bay.

In Kino Bay I stayed in a Hotel for my last night  that night, and the next day I was walking around near the beach, and  there was literally no White people anywhere, because it is a Snow-Bird  (Old Person Winter Vacation, usually in an RV) town, but it was just  after Spring Break, so no one was there except the people who work there  in the off Season. So I was walking around and met this guy who called  himself the Mayor, and he said he had an extra room and I could stay  there if I bought him a bottle of Tequila and Food for both of us  everyday, which came out to about $8-$10 a day, so I did that and stayed  with him. He took me to Old Kino and showed me where we were staying  and then took me around to different places, and started asking everyone  if they wanted to throw down on some Sea Turtle, and even asked me.  Because they think that because Sea Turtles are illegal to hunt, it  means that there are Drugs in the Oil made from Sea Turtles, and they  all like to buy Sea Turtles and eat stuff made from it. We also bought  fish straight off boats and stuff.

I stayed with him there for a  while, and met some people. I met a guy that was running an empty (for  the time) RV park, and he got me some Marijuana at 1 Peso per Gram, so  $1 got me like 14 grams, and the exchange rate is even lower now. If you  know how to make good hash, you could really benefit the people of  Mexico in a certain area (turning brick weed into gold). And we actually  smoked with 2 Cops, I totally wasn't ok with it at first, because the  guy running the RV park and the Cops all spoke ZERO English, and I saw  badges and all that. But we smoked and everything was ok.

Then  after a while we went back to Hermosillo to hang out with the Mayor's  friend "Danny Boy" who could speak no English, but sang Bob Marley  songs, and was an Engineer. So we went to hang out with him, we went to a  bar and sang Bob Marley songs, and got really drunk. Then we stayed  with Danny Boy for about another Week (I was there for a few months),  and then a Cartel guy (dressed like a Cowboy and everything) sold them  some Coke and was there for a while, then he left and they did a bunch  of coke, and asked me if I wanted to, and I said I just wanted to smoke,  and they said that the coke was cooked with baking soda and broken down  so it is more pure, and that didn't make me want to do it any more. But  after that week I had to go back to the US, and took a Bus back, and  then on the way back they checked Passports and there was an X ray  machine we had to put our stuff in, but it was just like on the side of a  room, it wasn't much, and there weren't any dogs. I went back and got  my car from the storage place, and headed to Portales, New Mexico, then  Marathon Key, Florida; Goulds, Florida, and then Colorado.

Part 2

This part is the Educational section. This process makes the purest hash, but if you don't you a Separatory Funnel or Pyrex or Stainless Steel, that is ok.

Marijuana flower buds
Coffee Grinder
Coffee Filter
Polar Solvent
Non-Polar Solvent
Pyrex Container
Stainless Steel Utensil
Separatory Funnel
Vacuum Purge  

1. Put Marijuana in the Grinder
2. Grind up the buds
3. Dump the buds from the grinder into the Pyrex
4. Dump the Non-Polar Solvent into the Pyrex
5. Let it sit and mix it around for a few minutes with the Stainless-steel utensil
6. Dump mixture through coffee filter into the Separatory Funnel
7. Dump Polar Solvent into the Separatory Funnel
8. Allow Solvents to sit until they separate like Oil and Water
9. Release the valve on the Separatory Funnel and allow the bottom layer to drip off into the Pyrex container
10. Once it all drips out, keep the Non-Polar Solvent (which contains the THC)
11. Dump the Non-Polar Solvent from the Pyrex into the vacuum purge
12. Evaporate the Solvent
13. Collect layer of Oil or hardened glass like Oil left at the bottom of the vacuum purge’s chamber with Stainless-steel utensil and put into Pyrex container

When shipping things from the Mexico to the US, it is best to make Marijuana Candy (Sugar and Corn Syrup Heated up, then Hash added as it dries). If someone made Marijuana Chicles, that would change the game. Also, if sending it another way it is best to hide it inside a product and not to send much.

Also, if you can get ahold of large amounts of pure Olivetol, and any Monoterpene (just google "list of Monoterpenes and find a cheap one)
Olivetol + Monoterpene  + Acid (Strong or Weak) = THC + Byproducts (Dependent on Monoterpene used and Acid strength)

Olivetol + Monoterpene +Acid = THC + Byproducts

Also, Marijuana Milk, it is called Bhang. Just heat up the milk and filter out the Marijuana, that is the same way you make Marijuana butter or Marijuana Oil.

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