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Revolution, Part 1

 "The state is suffering from two opposite vices, avarice and luxury; two plagues which, in the past, have been the ruin of every great empire." -Livy

Something that a lot of people don't think about. Revolutions aren't usually carried out because of a good Revolutionairy idea, or because someone took the right steps to implement a Revolution. The key driver behind every Revolution ever was Wealth Distribution in a Society and Freedom Distribution in Society. The Magna Carta was signed because of self centered Kings that did not have the best interests of their nations in mind, but their own status. The French Revolution happened for basically the same reason, and then Communism spread across the planet for the same reason. Then there was the American Revolution and the other Revolutions against the British Empire (India, etc). Revolutions aren't possible because the idea is made popular or because the right leader was born, but because oppressors exist. Revolution is simply Human Nature's response to oppression.

"He would not anticipate those counsels which are rather bestowed by circumstances on men, than by men on circumstances." -Livy

When people hear the word "Revolution" it brings to mind different things for different people. Some people automatically think of the American Revolution and the Founding Fathers, such as George Washington and Thomas Jefferson, some people think of the French Revolution and Guillotines, and some people think of the Cuban Revolution and Central/South American Revolutions. But these ideas are often very vague. You can not have a Revolution without Education about Societal structures and previous Revolutions.

 Books and Essays to Read:
Our Word is Our Weapon -Subcommandante Marcos
Philosophy and Opinions of Marcus Garvey
Steal This Book -Abbie Hoffman
Rules for Radicals -Saul Alinski
Psychological Operations in Guerilla Warfare -CIA
On Guerilla Warfare -Mao Tse Tung
The Art of War -Sun Tzu
Civil Disobedience -Henry David Thoreau
The Federalist Papers -Alexander Hamilton
The Anti-Federalist Papers -Anonymous
The Prince -Niccolo Machiavelli
The Republic -Plato
Politics -Aristotle

Here are various Revolutionaries.

This is Mohamed Boudiaf who was a leader of the National Liberation Front (FLN) in Algeria. At the time Algeria was a French Colony. The French ruled Algeria from across the Mediterranean with a mix of bureaucracy and force, failing to win hearts and minds. The National Liberation Front built slowly and eventually exploded across Algeria and pushed the French out of Algeria using various tactics including Guerilla warfare.

This is Gandhi, who was a primary part of the Indian Independence movement, which started due to an apartheid system in which the Indian people were considered racially inferior within their own country. During this time there were many Revolutionaries, including many which were hung by the British and the Dutch imperialists, but Gandhi was the main Revolutionary which gained independence for India by getting Indians to disobey laws en mass, which clogged the system and caused the Imperial state to fail.

This is Che Guevara, who was a wealthy physician from Argentina who took a road trip on a Motorcycle and saw the plight of the working class and began the Cuban Revolution which was eventually won by Fidel Castro.

This is Pancho Villa who was the Commander of the Northern forces in the Mexican Revolution which started due to problems with the Presidential Electoral system in Mexico mixed with an extremely centralized Government where the President had "Political Bosses" running various regions of Mexico under him. The Mexican Revolution was a full blown armed conflict similar to the American Civil war.

This is the Ayatollah Khomeini who became the leader of Iran after the Iranian Revolution. The Iranian Revolution occurred after Britain decided to install the Shah as the leader of Iran in order to take control of the Anglo-Persian Oil Company of Iran, which is now called British Petroleum (BP).

This is Jean-Paul Marat, who was a major leader in the French Revolution. You have probably heard the phrase "Let them eat cake" and while this may seem like it was a harmless phrase, it comes from a time when French people were having so many economic problems that they could not even make bread, and Marie Antoinette said "Let them eat cake" while she and the other members of her class were not experiencing the any of the economic issues of the French people. Jean-Paul Marat engineered much of the French Revolution from a bathtub, as he had a rare condition which forced him to stay in the water. This is the Revolution where Guillotines were used to chop off the heads of the upper class, and did not end until the advent of Photography, which showed the beheading in their raw form rather than as artist depictions.

 "The Basic Analysis that the Black Panther Party has made is in the way that the Occupying Army functions in a Colonial situation, where the mother country is separated from the Colony by either land or water...After having studied the works of Lenin, Marx and Mao, and other Revolutionaries, it was not until studying [the Algerian Liberation Front], [the Black Panthers] were able to clearly identify the local Police departments as the counterpart to the occupying army of the French. And it was clear that the Colonial regime, the Colonial Administration, was without any power, without any force to compel the Algerian people to submit to its dictates. But it was because these Administrators were backed up by the organized guns and the force of the French Army that the Administrators were able to get away with what they were doing. Transposing that perspective on our own situations in the Black Community, we see that the Black Community has also been turned into a market. That it has also been turned into a source of cheap labor. It has the indigenous class of Black bourgeois that works hand in hand with the imperialists that we have to deal with. It has those same 3 elements. And they have the three classes of evil, the apparitious businessmen, the Politicians and the Gestapo, or the local Police. And they work hand in hand with the Black bourgeois. The Doctors, the Lawyers, the Teachers, [The Black Boule], who belong to Political Parties of the mother country, and who carry out the political programs of these mother country parties"
-Eldridge Cleaver

 "You can't form this with no education. Let me give you an example. Jomo Kenyatta formed the [Kenyan] Revolution with no education, and in the end Jomo told those motherfuckers "I'm your brother I'll help you lead the Revolution but now I'm gonna oppress you". Another example Papa Doc in Haiti hated everything white, you couldn't put this white piece of paper in front of Papa Doc's face. But he moved all the white people out then he took over to be the oppressor, because of no education. If the people had been educated they would have said, we don't hate the white people we hate the oppressor, whether he be white, black, brown or yellow. So we need an educational program to find out what it's going to be in the finale. Jomo Kenyatta is called not a Revolutionary but an Ex-Revolutionary, so is Papa Doc, they brought on successful Revolutions. That thing in the Mau Maus and Bantu Freedom Fighters, all that kind of action. What we are talking about is the end, you don't judge Castro now, no one in this room can judge if Castro is going to be a Revolutionary. We're talking about things with China, the People's Republic, and even at the stage they're in now talking about going further into a Communistic State. Without education the people will take this local foundation and start stealing money because they won't understand how it is the people's thing anyway. You might get people caught up because they are poor and they want something, and if they aren't educated they'll want more, and before you know it they'll be capitalists and before you know it we'll have black imperialists"
-Fred Hampton

 "They’re not really aware that-They know some shits going on in this country somewhere but a lot of people out there don’t know where it’s at. They think it’s the black people doing it, you dig? That, “All those riots are causing my life to be miserable in all areas,“ you know. And they really haven’t focused in on the fact that it’s the pigs and their lynchers, the people who control the pigs, the power structure. Those bald headed businessmen at the chamber of commerce, you see. They’re not turned on to that power structure, they just know that life is becoming increasingly miserable for everybody.
But when they find out who it is that’s causing trouble, and who it is that’s making life miserable, and who it is that’s responsible for all their sons being murdered in Vietnam; when they get tuned in to that they’ll now be just like the Panthers. This is what we’re tuned into. We see what’s going on and more and more people are turning on to that.”
-Eldridge Cleaver

 "The Spirit of the people is greater than all of the [Government]'s Technology. It's greater than all of its Committees, all of its Boards of Regents and all of everything its about. Because it's not the buildings, it's not the Congress, the physical structure, that's oppressing the people. It's not the physical structure of the county courthouse... It's not the physical structure, it's the psychological structure of these racists who have control of this country and have had control of it from its very beginning... We didn't want to come up here and talk about hanging Reagan, we don't want to hang that punk, I want to challenge him to a duel and I want him to accept it."
-Eldridge Cleaver (1968)

 "[The Pigs] like to call me down and have me sit across the desk from them, and tell me that I have a problem. And I ask him, tell me this: How did it happen that you, whose ancestors came from Europe, and I whose ancestors came from Africa, me on one side of the desk, you on the other side, you telling me that I have a problem? Start from the beginning and run it down for me."
-Eldridge Cleaver (1968)

 Asked: What do you say to the White man who looks around and sees his cities being burned, feels his own self threatened, what do you say to him?

"I say that he should look in to the situation and discover the cause of the activity that results in burned down buildings and the spontaneous outbursts that you call riots and other people call uprisings... Organizing themselves outside the Republican Party and the Democratic Party, and to move to remove and destroy these parties and establish new Political Machinery... The reason the whole situation is taking a turn towards violence, is because the Government is not being responsive to the legitimate demands... The people we are organizing at this time are people who have never been organized before, they have never belonged to the NAACP or to Core..."
-Eldridge Cleaver

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