Sunday, September 3, 2017

Religious Marijuana Grow, Part 5 (Topping and FIMing)

This installment of the series is going to be purely about topping, with a tiny little bit about FIMing, which is basically the same thing with a twist to get slightly different results.

Topping is where you chop the top off of a plant, you could do this either for the purpose of taking a clone, or just to "Top", which is what I am about to show you. Ok, so once you have chopped the Top off of your plant, what do you do?

The Answer is: Nothing

Just keep watering it and giving it nutrients and everything like you normally do, but it will be fine.

Here is my Early Durban (Durban Skunk)

Here is the Early Durban after about 1 Week, it was actually a little less but I forget how many days exactly. Notice that those two little tufts of leaves became 2 new tops.

Here it is after being Transplanted into a larger container, and after maybe 2-3 Weeks.

Now, I don't have any pictures for FIMing yet, but FIMing is just chopping a little high, which causes the plant to grow 4 tops instead of 2 tops. I did it on 3 other plants, but I didn't take pictures. When it does it I will show you the process with another plant and take pictures of the plant that had it done previously. I did the other ones later than the Early Durban so they'll take a little longer.

And you can continue to Top your Tops until you have like 8, 10, 12, 14 Colas, you just have to have the light and space for it.

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