Sunday, September 3, 2017


Before reading about Racism, everyone should understand how similar we all are. Language and Fire were not created by our Species, and we are not in the 2nd Millennium. Our species, Homo Sapien, has been around for at least 100,000 years and language, through gestures, sounds and signaling, has existed for even longer, while the control of fire has existed for at least 1,000,000 years. Most people on Earth still have 1-4% Neanderthal DNA except for people living in Sub-Saharan Africa, who are 100% Homo Sapien and the only people who have the DNA of a third species are the Natives in Papua New Guinea, who have 4-6% Denisovan DNA.

This map shows Mitochondrial Eve, which is every Human Being on Earth's common Ancestor. The Mother of Humanity (Also look up UNESCO World Heritage Sites).

Racism used to just be called Science, it was specifically called "Eugenics". Eugenics is the idea that X Culture was more civilized and Y Culture was more primitive, and X Culture was X Race and Y Culture was Y Race, therefor X Culture is Superior and Y Culture is inferior, which is completely subjective. For example, they would look at skulls and say that different skulls had different capacity, and people would go get their skulls measured to see if they were genetically superior.

Irish people were considered "Not White" and Genetically inferior because their skulls look different than "Caucasoid  skulls". Some people, like David Duke, still say that Jewish people are not White, which is a whole other crazy discussion about "What is White?".

Modern Racism is based on the fear Racists have that White Culture is dying, like the Scandinavian Viking Culture (which got everything from the Phoenicians) and the British/German Anglo-Culture (related to the Viking Culture). I do not support Racism but I can say about Andrew Jackson's Racism was well spoken, almost reasoned. And while I don't agree with any form of Racism, Modern Racism is much more crude and ignorant in the way it is reasoned and carried out. My point is that Racists are becoming afraid, afraid because White Genetics are Recessive and Black Genetics are dominant, and White people are being replaced in their countries because birth rates in White countries are lower than other countries. And most of the "White" people in the World are really Asian (Over 1,000,000,000 Chinese people, etc). White people might go extinct in the next 1,000-2,000 years, and Racists know that.

Many people have not heard of this, but the Nazis actually got much of the Justification for what they were doing from American Culture, Law and Research. In the Court Case Buck v. Bell, 274 U.S. 200 (1927) a Supreme Court Justice (the Final say in US Law) stated that "Three generations of Imbeciles is enough" and that it was Constitutional to Sterilize ignorant and genetically inferior people, and allowed a Woman to be Sterilized, and made to live on a farm for people with Epilepsy. During a Trial for Nazi War Crimes Buck v. Bell was cited and American Scientists were quoted as Justification. If not for Pearl Harbor we may have gone in on the other side, or not at all. The Nazis were Protestant (non-Catholic) Christians, but had a Occult belief that their Germanic Anglo Heritage was Genetically suprior and wore belts that said "Gott Mit Uns" which means "God is with us".

The Nazi system of Racism, and the old American system of Racism are similar to the old Caste system in India, except for the fact that they believed that the lower caste was either subject to Chattel Slavery or Death, by way of Genetic Justification and Religious justification using books like the Bible, which speaks of "Chosen people" and a "Table of Nations" which supposedly show which Races come from which places after Noah. Hitler actually searched for Swastikas which come from Hindu culture and mean "Community", and he would say that "Aryans" had been there, which was true but Aryans are like Iranians and others in the Persian Empire, not Anglos. Some Anglos also believe that they are the chosen people of the Bible and that the Stone of Scone is Jacob's Pillow from the Bible and that they have been passing it down since their time in Israel.  The Bible also uses the word "Kind" as in "Stay with your own Kind", which is used by Racists to justify their position. What the Nazis thought of the Jews is similar to what Americans like Andrew Jackson thought of Native Americans. Native Americans were called Savages and Cannibals for at least a Century, even though White people are documented to have been eating Natives, and White people still eat people, e.g., Jeffery Dahmer.

And Buck v. Bell was never overturned, it is still considered Constitutional for the Government to decide to Sterilize people based on alleged lack of intelligence and based on Genetics.

 Another peak into the mind of a Modern Racist. In William Shakespeare's works when he uses the Word "Moor" he means "Person with high levels of Melenin in their skin", the Moorish Empire was a Muslim Empire based out of the African region of Morocco, but encompassed Spain, Portugal and France (so, much of Europe almost like a second Carthage), and the Moors ruled Europe for 700 years until about 1492 after various Crusades and battles, usually involving the Pope. The first Treaty of Peace and Friendship signed by the US was with the King of Morocco.

So, since Syria's civil war started 13.5 Million+ Syrians, as well as another number of Iraqis, have moved to Germany and Scandinavia. So the adept Racist recognizes that White Culture is being threatened by the refugee crisis, and Europe may become Muslim again. Islam is the fastest growing Religion in the World.

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