Friday, August 25, 2017

Religious Marijuana Grow, Part 4

This part is going to be about Preflower, which is how you identify male and female plants. Part 4 will introduce you to the concept and Part 5 will show you male and female preflower on my plants.


Here is the "Preflower"  this is how you determine the gender of a Marijuana plant.

I currently can only actually tell the gender of the clones. With a clone you are guaranteed to a get a plant that is the same gender as the plant that the cutting was taken from. This means that if you take a male cutting you will get a male clone, if you take a female cutting you will get a female clone. A female clone could end up going "Hermie", which means it turns into a Hermaphrodite and has male and female genitalia and pollenates itself. You won't be able to tell it is Hermie until during the flower cycle when little Banana looking pollen sacks grow.

You can force a plant to go Hermie by putting Silver materials in its soil, or by rubbing a product called "Colloidal Silver" all over the plant's leaves. This will force the plant to go Hermie. A Hermie plant will have seeds that don't have the male Chromosome.

This is the Girl Scout Cookies Clone, and I knew it would be female because I got it as a Clone.

As you can see, not only does it have the little prong/hair/leaf looking things growing, it has something like a small nug of Marijuana growing out above the prong/hair/leaf thing. This shows it is female. I do not have any examples of males yet, but will explain that next and show males in the next part.

This is the Early Durban, I still do not know if it is male or female.

Notice the little prong/hair/leaf things, there are 2 of them. Right behind those is where the male or female parts will grow and then I will be able to tell if this plant is a male or female. Pretty much all the plants that I started from seed have this right now except for the Banana Crack and White Strawberry Skunk.

So those little prongs/hairs/leaves are the preflower spot and are where you will look to determine the gender of your plants. Most people, at the time they find out, will kill all the males to prevent them from putting pollen and therefore seeds in their females. But I am breeding, so I will need both males and females.


Here is the plan for the breeding program.

African strains being "A"
Aromatic strain being "B"
Commercial strain being "C"

We can end up with these combos:

Here is how I am selecting genetics, it is also how I will do it with the marker information, but this is how I am doing it for now.

First, I am using seed finder to find lineages, and many of the plants I have are landrace or basically landrace, so they don't have much of a genetic line if a genetic line at all. But the ones that do, what I am doing is trying to match up their backgrounds.

This is called Recombination. For example, if I take Danky Kong, which is 1/4 White Russian, and breed that with White Rhino, then the White Widow genes are "Recombining" after being altered slightly by other genes. Kind of like if Darwin's Finches mated, and created a Recombined breed of finches.

Second, I am looking for similar genetics that come from different lines. An example would be the frostiness of the White Widow strains, White Russian, White Rhino, etc, combined with the Frostiness of the Tahoe OG. These are 2 different lines, but combined would have extra frostiness. So Danky Kong mixed with Tahoe OG would probably be super frosty. And because Danky Kong has Diesel genetics, and Tahoe OG smells like Kerosene, the genetics that create their smells would probably combine well also. 

I am basically in the end going to be doing like Bomb Seeds did, but instead of making a strain that brings out big yields and dense nugs, I want to bring out THCV, and smells and whatever else is hidden in the African genetics.

Basically, Bomb Seeds made their Bomb #1 Phenotype, and they combine it with Cheese to make a bigger and higher yielding Cheese plant, or Sour Diesel for a bigger and higher yielding Sour Diesel plant.

But what I am doing is making sure that everything has African Genetics, and Heavy Aromatic Genetics, then Kush, Haze, White Widow, etc, genetics.

Those will stand as strains of their own once they are stabilized, and maybe after mixing in another African strain or Aromatic strain with some of them. But then I will start mixing those strains together. Like (A X B XC) X (D X E X F) until I find a really frosty, strong, aromatic, unique breeding plant. Then I will lock in the genetics and maybe pick a phenotype if one is best. Then I will create a line by crossing that strain with regular dispensary strains, and pure landrace strains.

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