Friday, August 25, 2017

Lights and Nutrients I am Using in my Religious Marijuana Grow

This is a 1500W LED Hood light. If you have ever seen a grow in a magazine, or at a dispensary, or on Facebook or something, and there was purple light in the grow, this is the kind of light they were using. It contains spectrums of light for all seasons, and also includes a little UV light, which will be good for the African Strains I am growing. It is equal to 1500W of regular light bulb light, and it uses under 300W of electricity to make it. This will be my main flower light, and the general rule is about 1g per 1W so 1500W = about 1500g per 3 Square Meters.

These are LED Corn Cob lights. Basically it is just a bunch of little LED diodes in a curly shape on a strip and encased in glass. These are extremely bright, way brighter than you would expect. They are 20W each which makes them equal to about 150W each if they were regular light bulbs. So I am getting more light for less energy. Together these should be about 600W.

These are the kind of lights that people use in Lizard cages. They are 10.0 meaning that they have summer noon-day UV rays, and they are 26W CFLs which means they are equal to about 100W each, so about 400W total. UVB is the kind of light that causes Cancer, and it seems to boost THCv production, as THCv seems to possibly have some kind of action that protects the plant from the UVB rays.

Here are my old lights, they are 2x 125W CFLs and 1x 105W CFL. I will be using them in the grow also. Each one should add about 400W to the grow, but I will not be using all of them.

These are Fox Farm nutrients, these are probably the most commonly used Marijuana nutrients, and it is Organic so it can be used in Organic grows.

This is Silicate, what it basically does is allow the plant to absorb tiny Quartz Crystal structures, and then it uses those in its fibers. And when the plant fibers have Quartz Crystal added to them, they become stronger and can carry more buds on each branch.

So if anyone is interested in growing Marijuana indoors, having all this would be overkill for most grows, so this is all the nutrients and light you would need.

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