Monday, May 15, 2017

THCv is the new CBD

This article is going to explain a lot of things very quickly, so that those who already understand and those who don't know anything about any of this can all understand.

Within the past few years (5-10 years) CBD has become more Politically palatable and more "morally" acceptable than outright Marijuana and THC legalization, medical or recreational (or Religious). CBD is less Psychoactive, meaning that it has medicinal benefits but less noticeable mental effects (this has even been misrepresented as "CBD is medical, THC is recreational", which is incorrect in that CBD can help with seizures etc, but you need THC for tumors and Cancer). An example of how common these CBD laws are would be Texas, Texas now has the Compassionate Care Act, and "Low THC Marijuana" is legal. This doesn't mean brick weed, though it could be interpreted that way, it is meant to say "High CBD Low THC Marijuana". Texas is supposed to have dispensaries by 2018, but will not provide prescriptions for Chronic pain. There are Marijuana strains such as Charlotte's Web, which contain high CBD and low THC, and various "Charlotte's Web Law"s have been enacted across America. More than 25 States have enacted Medical Laws at this time.

Here is a list of CBD strains. At this point if you grow a CBD strain you are part of a large group that includes nearly 50 states across America, and growing a CBD strain could soon become a thing that allows you to make money in many states across America as they open dispensaries, and the dispensaries search for genetics. (But THCv is coming up next and no one knows about it yet)

Ringo's Gift
Sweet and Sour Widow
Stephen Hawking Kush
That has been going on for a few years now. And THC means Tetrahydrocannabidiol, while CBD just means Cannabidiol. So THC is TH-CBD.

The following images show how similar the various Cannabinoids are.

THCv is common in African Marijuana strains and has yet to be commonly seen in dispensaries, or commonly understood to exist on the shelves of the Medical Marijuana community. Some dispensaries may have an African strain or a few African strains, but they are not yet common. And there are still very few cross bred Africa strains, just as an example, Durban Poison X White Widow or something like that, there is no common strain with cross bred African genetics, and Durban Poison is probably the most widespread Africa strain, but most people don't even realize that it is an African strain. If you don't know what Landrace is, now is a good time to get African Landrace seeds, this is currently a completely untapped market for breeding. Most people buy Femenized seeds and think of seeds found in bags of reggie are useless, but you can actually breed your reggie seeds with other seeds, and when you buy seeds you can buy regular seeds instead of femenized seeds and breed those. In order to make femenized seeds you just add silver to the soil of your grow, or rub colloidial silver all over your plants, and they will become hermaphrodites and they will create femenized seeds. But if you take a male and a female plant, say Durban Poison and some kind of Kush. So Dubran X Kush. Then you breed the Durban X Kush with the Durban. So you have a plant that is 25% Kush and 75% Durban, then you have a  plant with selected genetics, and you can select whatever strain you want to do that with.

Here are the Medical uses for THCv:

Following is a List of African Strains. These strains are still extremely rare, and some may actually require a person to go to Africa and buy Marijuana with seeds in it in order to find:

Durban Poison
Apondo Mystic
Coffee Gold
Durban Magic
Swazi Gold
Nigerian 99
Swazi 99
Angola Veroe
Congo (Zaire)
Congo #1
Cabo Verde
Swazi Red
Jahwi's Joy (Ghana)
Angola x Banghi
Lesotho x Uzbeki
Misty Kei
Sotho Heights
Malawi Gold
Malawi Gold x Columbian Gold

If anyone reading this does not understand Strains, an example of a Strain that everyone knows about is Kush, you have probably heard of Kush. Kush comes from the Hindu Kush mountains in India. The word Ganja comes from the Ganges river, and the word Indica means "From India". Most people think that Marijuana comes from Native American Indians, but it actually comes from Asian Indians (India) and Africa. The 2 primary Species of Marijuana are Indica and Sativa, there is also a 3rd called Rudaralis. From these 3 species comes thousands of Strains, many strain originating from the Mixture of 2 Landrace (National/Regional) strains. Amsterdam is a mecca of Marijuana strains and Coffee strains because the Dutch were a large part of the British Empire (which can be botanically indicated by tea. Tea is British, it is Chinese and it is Indian.). But the Dutch seem to have kept more.

Kush Strains. Kush is now a well established strain around the world, with many crossbreeds in regular circulation and they are mostly easy to find:

Chitral (Pakistan)
Pink Kush
Tahoe OG Kush
Strawberry Diesel Kush
Snoop’s Church
Bubba Kush
Purple Bubba Kush
Kandy Kush
Purple Kush
Pineapple Kush
Blackberry Kush
OG Kush
Violator Kush
Organic Purple Kush
Champagne Kush
Blueberry Kush
Super OG Master Kush
Blackberry Kush
Venom OG Kush
Fraggle Rock
Snoop’s Master Kush
Super OG Master Kush
Redwood Kush
Sticky Icky OG Kush
Moonlight OG Kush
Yoda OG Kush
3 kings
Black Rhino OG Kush
Obama OG Kush
OG Darth Vader
OG Michael Phelps
God’s Gift

So basically right now:

Kush is a well established recreational, medical and Religious Marijuana family.

CBD is a safe bet medically and commercially and is a pretty common Cannabinoid, that is pretty widely accepted.

THCv is hard to find, not well established in any community, and has medical value outside of the established medical strains.

THCv X Kush and THCv X CBD is basically uncharted waters. And there are many other strains. Ex: Mexico is Sativa strains, White Widow comes from Thai Landrace X Brazilian Landrace. Indica is short fat buds with 1 branch usually, with tons of trichs and good for making hash. Sativa has branches and long buds. CBD can usually be found in Indica, while THCv is  can be found in Sativa, but not all Indicas or Sativas are high in these.

If anyone is confused about how 3 Species of Marijuana can create so many strains. Look at Tomatoes, or Onions or Grapes.


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