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Video guide

Building headless Bitcoin on Windows

Here is a written guide

Here is a thread where someone asked a question, and linked a guide

Here is how to create a Cryptonote

Free & paid coin creation site

Coin generator

Paid coin creation

Price converter

Source Codes

More source code

IPhone Bitcoin Wallets

Android Bitcoin Wallets

Browser Wallets

Paper Wallets

Bitcoin Miners


Bitcoin Charts

Bitcoin Tickers

These aren't really coins, but are contracts that are kind of like coins. Kind of like shares of a company that are represented by coins/tokens. They can be used various ways, but are usually advertised as if they are Cryptocurrency, but are not really. Open Ledger username)/assets/

But if you are going to pay for a Bitshares asset, which is expensive, you might as well just pay for your own coin. The only reason you would want an asset over a coin is if you wanted to have complete control over it, where people don't mine it, you distribute it to them like a share of a company.

Another collection of guides (good ranked list)

Compile guide for Windows on Linux

A few cloning guides

Not exactly sure what this is, it claims to be an in wallet coin creator, and I assume it is like the ethereum and bitshares assets/contracts, but it may actually be an in wallet coin creator.

Adding premine to coin

Genesis Blocks
Most of the guides include this information, but I'm adding it just so that there is as much information in this thread as possible

Genesis block Generator

Here's a complete guide on creating genesis block, how to edit the source code and control the network:

Bitcoin cloning guide

Another guide

A thread where someone has a problem making a coin

Another guide

I have not actually watched this show yet, but while searching for guides I saw a coin with a name similar to the coin in the show, so I thought I would add it here. It's a show about an altcoin startup.

Questions and answers about genesis block

Learncoin (the coin in the video guides) on Berkley's website


Another guide

More genesis block info

Bitcoin protocol

Another guide

Here is the Practice coin thread on Bitcointalk

Another guide

Discussion about forking ETH

According to at least this person, cloning Ethereum is extremely easy and he says there are only 2 steps

Some developer links

Another guide

Another guide

Cryptonote, apparently they don't mind people making new coins and believe in plurality, which would probably be a refreshing difference in launching compared to the normal 'shitcoin' reception that most new coins get.

I'm looking for Cryptonote and Crpytonight cloning guides, but I found these CPU and GPU miners for Cryptonote incase anyone needs them.

To Fork a coin, just find it on Github and click the fork icon that says "fork". If you click the part that actually has the word fork on it, it will fork the coin and you can go in and change things.

Important things to change when making a new coin:

Find and replace all of the old coin's names for your coin's name in the main.cpp file
(check for lowercase, uppercase, and also with the word "coin" uppercase and lowercase)

Find and replace all the coin identifiers and replace with yours (Ex: Changing Litecoin's [LTC] to Dogecoin's [DOGE])

Change number of coins rewarded in a block where is says "Subsidy"

Change Block time

Change Difficulty (called "Target")

Change Block height and halving time.

Genesis block to "x0" meaning you just delete all the numbers after x0, everywhere there is a genesis block.

I am not sure about forks, but with clones you want to also remove the Merkle root.

Then change the headline to a headline from that day so people know what day you made it.

Change Epoch time to the current epoch time (google "current epoch time")

Remove the Nnonce

Remove the Checkpoints (you need 1)

Change ports if you want

Making some fancy graphics

After that, it's just compiling the coin, and running it (with a fatal error on purpose) to get the Merkle and Nnonce, and mining the Genesis block. Make sure you have uncompiled code also, so you can put the Merkle and everything in it.

Then use Gitian Builder to build the wallet.

And at that point you have a coin and it just has to go up on Github and be mined.

I am going to try to make a coin this weekend and post what I am doing here as I do it, then if that doesn't work I have a friend that helped me build a coin (we had to figure this out together, which is where I got this information and why I decided to put this thread together) but we couldn't get it to compile because we used an old guide so we got '-lboost_system' errors. So if my coin doesn't work this weekend, the guy I am making a coin with is going to try the coin we have been working on on CentOS next week instead of Ubuntu (which we were using because it was in the guide), and he is better with CentOS than Ubuntu. And if that doesn't work I will just make a coin after I take some classes or when I find someone else who is interested while I am taking classes.

Programmer's Guide to Ethereum and Serpent

A Treatise on Altcoins

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