Sunday, January 11, 2015

Caryophyllene: FDA Approved Cannabinoid

(Uziza left, Kava right, Marijuana Middle)
Caryophyllene is what Police use to train Dogs to smell Marijuana because it is actually a major Terpene in the Marijuana plant and is responsible for much of the smell. For this reason it is also used in perfumes or incense that is meant to smell like Marijuana. But not only does Caryophyllene contribute to the smell of Cannabis, it is also important to the effects. Caryophyllene is a Cannabinoid and attaches to the CB2 receptor.

Caryophyllene can be found in the Uziza leaf from Nigeria, and it is commonly used there to make a soup that stimulates appetite, aka Gives you the munchies. You can find Uziza on Amazon sometimes but the main site it was on has gone down.

Caryophyllene can also be found in Rosemary (common garden herb), Black Pepper and Hops (the plant used to make beer). Hops also contain Myrcene which is a Terpene that acts as an Opiod Analgesic and it helps THC cross the blood brain barrier.

Caryophyllene works just like THC in that it is a Neural Protectant and Anti-Depressant.

Then there is Kava Kava. Many people have heard that it can work in synergy with Marijuana to give a person stronger effects, but it also contains a Cannabinoid of its own known as "Yangonin". Yangonin attaches to the CB1 receptor, so Uziza and Kava combined hits the same receptors as Marijuana. Not to say it has the same effect, but medicinally it does. You can buy Kava at some grocery stores and most Herbal supplement stores.

There are also a few more Cannabinoids but I have not tried those yet, for example there is one in extracts of the common Rue plant. And I am growing Wild Dagga which contains a Cannabinoid but I didn't have any for the picture so I am going to wait to make an article about all 4, and I might have 1 or 2 more by then.

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