Friday, January 2, 2015

Breed Your Own Strains of ANY PLANT

These are all Tomatoes

These are all Cannabis

The only real thing keeping people from breeding their own strains is that now most places Feminize a LOT of their seeds. If you are going to breed a strain, you need to get a Male plant. So start off by growing regular seeds, not feminized. Then once you get a male, make clones.
Spotting a Male is also not very hard, what you do is make clones of your plants and put the new cuttings in the dark for 24 hrs, or put them on a 12/12 light cycle. They will eventually show you which ones are male and which are female.
Once you have males, you can then get Feminized seeds. If you want to make your own strain, you need to make sure you have 2 different strains, 1 strain male, 1 strain female. Then you pollenate the female and you will get seeds if you do it right. keeping them together in a grow room with a fan is also a good idea.

If you bury Silver around your plants roots, it will become a Hermie or a Male, this has been done since ancient times. And if you rub Colloidal Silver on your plant it will have the same effect.

This is a good way to may Feminized seeds. You make a Hermie, then use that Pollen on a Female. 
Once you have seeds, you breed the seeds with their brothers and sisters. This is called "Locking in the Genetics". You have probably seen the Square with the 4 Genetic things, at this point you can choose exactly which genetics you want to show themselves and after a few breeding cycles you will have the "Phenotypes", that is what is in the 4 squares. This is how a strain is stabilized, and you have a new strain. This can also be done with different kinds of Tomatoes, I plant on eventually making some Mixed breed tomatoes using Australian Beefsteak tomatoes, which are huge and weird. And there are like 1,000,000 different kinds of tomatoes to mix it with.
I have been studying Plant Breeding because I grow Medical Marijuana and a few different kinds of dream herbs, and I found "Intergenetic Hybrids". Most people think that Species means things that can breed, but can't breed with other species, but this definition is not true. If 2 species are close enough, they can breed. These are known as "Intergenetic Hybrids". Orchids produce these readily between every species, and other examples are Mules, and Ligers and Tygons. There are also a few other possibilities for Hybrids.
I have been looking Mainly in to the Mint and Pepper families, and
there are TONS of different possible breeding patterns because those 2 families are huge. And I have a theory that if I Graft 2 plants together that are different species and different gender, it will be easier to breed them together. I know that if I make sure there are no breeding partners of the same species, that will definitely help.

My plan with this is to create new plants, that possibly have new Terpenes. Or higher levels of Terpenes than the parent plants. Then those plants can be used in Perfume making.
Caryophyllene is not very commonly known, but this is what they use to train Dogs to smell for Marijuana. Marijuana contains a good amount of Caryophyllene and so do other plants, examples are: Cloves, Hops, Basil & Oregano. Caryophyllene actually attaches to the CB1 receptor, but the plants that contain it are not illegal because it is not similar to THC in structure, Caryophyllene is actually the first Cannabinoid to be approved as a food additive by the FDA. Uziza leaf or the Uziza Peppercorns are the best source for Caryophyllene, Uziza is related to the Pepper plant and it is popular in Nigeria, but it has not been common in Europe since the Middle Ages. In Nigeria they use Pepper, Uziza, and other spices like "Grains of Paradise" that we do not use commonly here.
Caryophyllene is known a "Terpene". Cannabis contains a number of Terpenes, and another Major one is Lemonene/Biphenyl. They have found that Lemonene can actually effect your mood when smoked or ingested, and they are doing further research, in which I am pretty sure they are going to find that Lemonoids are an entire class of Cannabinoids.
Myrcene is another Major Terpene in Cannabis. It is the most abundant Terpene in Hops, which means they are a large portion of what makes Beer what it is. It is also found in Lemon Grass and Indian Bay Leaves.

Myrcene itself has Opiod Analgesic (Pain Killer) effects, but it also helps THC cross the Blood Brain Barrier, allowing less Marijuana or Hash to have more of an effect.
Terpenes are an over arching group, but there are Diterpenes and Triterpenes and Sesquiterpenes, etc. And you can find them in pretty much every plant. Terpenes make up pretty much the entire world of Natural Smells and Medicines. Everything from Lemon Peels, to Tree Sap, to Cooking Herbs, to Catnip, Essential Oils,Aromatherapy oils etc etc etc. It all has some kind of Terpene in it.

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