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Caryophyllene: FDA Approved Cannabinoid

(Uziza left, Kava right, Marijuana Middle)
Caryophyllene is what Police use to train Dogs to smell Marijuana because it is actually a major Terpene in the Marijuana plant and is responsible for much of the smell. For this reason it is also used in perfumes or incense that is meant to smell like Marijuana. But not only does Caryophyllene contribute to the smell of Cannabis, it is also important to the effects. Caryophyllene is a Cannabinoid and attaches to the CB2 receptor.

Caryophyllene can be found in the Uziza leaf from Nigeria, and it is commonly used there to make a soup that stimulates appetite, aka Gives you the munchies. You can find Uziza on Amazon sometimes but the main site it was on has gone down.

Caryophyllene can also be found in Rosemary (common garden herb), Black Pepper and Hops (the plant used to make beer). Hops also contain Myrcene which is a Terpene that acts as an Opiod Analgesic and it helps THC cross the blood brain barrier.

Caryophyllene works just like THC in that it is a Neural Protectant and Anti-Depressant.

Then there is Kava Kava. Many people have heard that it can work in synergy with Marijuana to give a person stronger effects, but it also contains a Cannabinoid of its own known as "Yangonin". Yangonin attaches to the CB1 receptor, so Uziza and Kava combined hits the same receptors as Marijuana. Not to say it has the same effect, but medicinally it does. You can buy Kava at some grocery stores and most Herbal supplement stores.

There are also a few more Cannabinoids but I have not tried those yet, for example there is one in extracts of the common Rue plant. And I am growing Wild Dagga which contains a Cannabinoid but I didn't have any for the picture so I am going to wait to make an article about all 4, and I might have 1 or 2 more by then.


 photo cannabinoid_chart_large-1.png
This chart shows the effects of different Cannabinoids. This is random, but if you get your Cannabis tested and it says like 25%, that does not mean your buds are 25%, it means that the extract/absolute was 25% of that.

CBD has become pretty well known across America due to things like the Charlotte's Web law (Where some states allow the production of the Charlotte's Web strain of Marijuana, which is high in CBD) and people who were cured before and because of that law. CBD is an Opiod and only has slight basically unnoticeable effects on the Cannabinoid receptor. It works as a pain killer and is used to treat things that require Cannabis but in cases when there is a child or someone who does not want to get high. It can make up up to 40% of the extract. CBD is very closely related to THC and all it takes is a strong acid to change the structure from CBD to THC.

THCv is much well less known, but I think THCv is the next CBD. What I mean by that is, first everyone knew about THC, then came CBD which was like a "Whole new application for the plant" and then next will be THCv which is "More whole new applications for the plant" because it can be used for Weightloss and Diabetes treatment. THCv is in Sativa strains, and is in highest quantities in strains from Milawi in Africa. Common strains with high THCv are Durban Poison & Silver Haze #9. UV light also seems to bring out the THCv, so adding a UV or UVB light to a grow could add THCv to a Sativa grow.

THCv is the next CBD, everyone should try to get strains from Milawi, that is something that is going to end up really being useful.

Here is some stuff about it

There are also Cannabinoids that can be made in a lab using THC as a base, there is THCV or THC5 which is something like 100x as potent as THC.

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Washington/Canada Dispensary Emails

San Diego Area Dispensary Emails

Colorado Dispensary emails Outside of Denver



Denver Colorado Dispensary, Grow Shop & Pipe Shop Email List


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How to Grow Marijuana Indoors (Including TONS of Tips not Just Schedule)

I just thought I would write up a "How to grow indoors" guide so it's out there.

First, Substrate. Soil has more Mercy, if you mess up in Hydroponic your plants will most likely die, while in soil you get days of warning and a few days to correct it, unless you really mess up. So soil is probably best for anyone just starting.

Then there is Coco Coir. Coco coir is Coconut shell fibers. It looks and works like soil, but it does not retain moisture like water does, so it allows your plants to grow to Hydroponic sizes using soil.  So Coco gives you the best of both worlds.

Mylar. This will help you in Veg Cycle and Flower Cycle. People claim "If you have white walls you will be ok" or "If you put up paper you will be ok" but Mylar seriously helps. If you just have white walls you will lose a LOT of light, but if you look up "Space Blanket" on amazon you can get a pack of Mylar for cheap and you will see the difference. Or if you just do it from day 1 you will be set. If you get a grow tent the Mylar is usually built in.

Also for anyone just starting, when the "Veg Cycle" cycle is referenced, this means after your seedling is over like 1 inch tall and is past the "Germination" stage and has its first little leaves. Veg Cycle means you turn the light on for 24 hours a day or 18 hours a day, you get to pick this one. People claim plants can only absorb 18 hours of light, so most people choose 18. During the Veg Cycle is when your plant does the most growing. Veg Cycle usually lasts about 2 months, you can do it shorter or longer. If you buy a clone you get a jump start on Veg since you don't have to start with tiny leaves that hardly gather any light. Veg Cycle does not grow nugs until it is switched to flower.

For Veg Cycle Lights, you want to use CFLs or LEDs, these will produce more light of the right spectrum without running up the light bill like a regular bulb. CFLs and LEDs also won't get as hot as regular bulbs. Try "125 Watt CFL Hood" as a search on Amazon. You can also use Metal Halide bulbs which do get hot and don't save money on electricity, but they work very well.

Flower cycle is when you turn the light on for 12 hours a day and off for 12 hours a day, this makes the plant think that Winter is coming and it starts growing Buds, so that bees will pollinate it so it can make seeds. Some of your plants may be males, to check if you have a male during Veg so you don't get surprised during flower, what you do is make a clone and put the clone in the dark for 24 hours and see if it grows male parts or female parts (cloning is described lower down). ONLY FEMALE GROW BUDS, and males will make your females get seeds. If you don't want seeds, kill the males. Males are only for breeding. Flower Cycle lasts about 2 months, sometimes it can be 7ish weeks or 10ish weeks depending on the strain. You can also look up "30x Scope" or  "100x Scope" or "200x Scope" and get a hand held Microscope that will allow you to see when the Trichombs are amber, when they are amber they are done, some people like to harvest at different colors though.

Flower Cycle Lights can be CFL or LED, but it is best to Flower with HPS or Metal Halide. HPS is best, it gives off the perfect light and it makes big frosty nugs. You can do a mixture of LED and HPS or CFL and HPS to get the best results, since HPS are expensive and also do not save on wattage. You can get everything for 100 Watt HPS to 1000 Watt HPS on Amazon, and you can find some amazing 1000 W pictures online.

Next is Methods. First there is "Sea of Green" where you grow tiny plants, but a lot of them. This way you can get about 1 oz per plant and grow like 20+ plants. This is not how you would grow in a Medical state though, for example I am in Colorado. So I am just growing plants in standard pots, and I plan on testing out a "SCROG" or "Screen of Green" eventually, Screen of Green is where you use a Flower growing technique and use a Screen to separate the branches, allowing each branch to grow larger buds. This is how large Rose buds are made and this is how large Marijuana buds are made. SCROG is done during Veg Cycle. If you can't make a net thing, you can buy a tomato cage and get similar results. The whole idea is just to give the skeleton of the plant support so it can support more.

SCROG shown here

Lollipopping is where you cut off all the bottom branches. Normally in a grow the bottom branches don't get enough light and end up being loose buds, and usually not much bud at all. Some people work to make the bottom branches SCROG to the top, but other people Lollipop, which just means cutting off the bottom branches so that the top branches get all the plants attention. This way no water or nutrients or light is used up on the small loose buds.

If you are wondering what Nutrients to use it is ok to use anything that works with other foods that are meant to be eaten. Miracle Grow is made for Tomatoes and it works for Marijuana, but most Marijuana Growers use a brand known as "Fox Farm". They have Nutrients for the Veg cycle and the Flower cycle.

Supercropping is where you take the Vegging branches of your plant and Snap them gently. Do a Youtube search for "Supercropping" if you are worried about exactly how much to snap it, but the idea is to snap the branch without breaking it or busting open the skin, so even just a hard hard hard pinch will work. You make each branch bend, but DO NOT break them. What this does is allows the plant to grow scar tissue that will make the branches stronger and allow for bigger nugs. It will also spread out the branches so that light can better reach the bottom.

Topping is where you cut the top off of your plant, and it will grow 2 more tops. You can do this over and over to get as many tops as you want.

Bamboo sticks allow your plant to have extra support. If you use the SCROG method you probably wont need Bamboo sticks, but if you just grow a regular plant then you will probably want to get some, just so your plant can support larger nugs and grows to be a hardier plant.

Cloning  is when you Cut the top or a Branch off of the plant, then skin it with a Razor blade to expose the Stem Cells, then plant it in the dirt/coco and let it grow roots.

Grafting is when you use the root system of one plant to grow another plant. If you want to Veg your plant indoors then grow it outside for Summer until it flowers in Fall, then you can either plant it directly in the ground or you can cut the top off of a large bush or a small tree, and replace it with the Marijuana plant. This would allow for the Marijuana plant to get bigger than usual since the other plant would have probably been there for a longer period of time and has larger roots.

Cold Pressed Neem Oil If you have problems with Bugs or think you will, rub your leaves with Cold pressed Neem oil or mix it in water and spray. Don't get processed Neem oil because they take out the main ingredient and it won't work, it has to be Cold Pressed.

There are still more things to learn if you are new, like Organic Growing and Microbes and Phenotypes and Feminized Seeds and stuff like that, but this list should get you started. If you want to breed your own Marijuana Strain, click the Link below.

Medical Grade Hash Extraction

To get absolute for Perfume or Medical Grade Hash extraction you can do a few different things. The most common is distillation. This is the same way people make Moonshine. You make a dark tea with the plant, then put it in a Still and evaporate it to the other side. Any steam extraction method with get you Absolute. The Chemistry way to make Absolute is to do an extraction in a non-Polar Solvent, then do a wash with a Polar solvent. Or Polarization, Winterization and Filtration.

Separatory Funnel

Polar Substances

Winterizing (Freezing to make solids fall and liquids separate)  


Playlist of Random People Talking About Cross Breeding

Breed Your Own Strains of ANY PLANT

These are all Tomatoes

These are all Cannabis

The only real thing keeping people from breeding their own strains is that now most places Feminize a LOT of their seeds. If you are going to breed a strain, you need to get a Male plant. So start off by growing regular seeds, not feminized. Then once you get a male, make clones.
Spotting a Male is also not very hard, what you do is make clones of your plants and put the new cuttings in the dark for 24 hrs, or put them on a 12/12 light cycle. They will eventually show you which ones are male and which are female.
Once you have males, you can then get Feminized seeds. If you want to make your own strain, you need to make sure you have 2 different strains, 1 strain male, 1 strain female. Then you pollenate the female and you will get seeds if you do it right. keeping them together in a grow room with a fan is also a good idea.

If you bury Silver around your plants roots, it will become a Hermie or a Male, this has been done since ancient times. And if you rub Colloidal Silver on your plant it will have the same effect.

This is a good way to may Feminized seeds. You make a Hermie, then use that Pollen on a Female. 
Once you have seeds, you breed the seeds with their brothers and sisters. This is called "Locking in the Genetics". You have probably seen the Square with the 4 Genetic things, at this point you can choose exactly which genetics you want to show themselves and after a few breeding cycles you will have the "Phenotypes", that is what is in the 4 squares. This is how a strain is stabilized, and you have a new strain. This can also be done with different kinds of Tomatoes, I plant on eventually making some Mixed breed tomatoes using Australian Beefsteak tomatoes, which are huge and weird. And there are like 1,000,000 different kinds of tomatoes to mix it with.
I have been studying Plant Breeding because I grow Medical Marijuana and a few different kinds of dream herbs, and I found "Intergenetic Hybrids". Most people think that Species means things that can breed, but can't breed with other species, but this definition is not true. If 2 species are close enough, they can breed. These are known as "Intergenetic Hybrids". Orchids produce these readily between every species, and other examples are Mules, and Ligers and Tygons. There are also a few other possibilities for Hybrids.
I have been looking Mainly in to the Mint and Pepper families, and
there are TONS of different possible breeding patterns because those 2 families are huge. And I have a theory that if I Graft 2 plants together that are different species and different gender, it will be easier to breed them together. I know that if I make sure there are no breeding partners of the same species, that will definitely help.

My plan with this is to create new plants, that possibly have new Terpenes. Or higher levels of Terpenes than the parent plants. Then those plants can be used in Perfume making.
Caryophyllene is not very commonly known, but this is what they use to train Dogs to smell for Marijuana. Marijuana contains a good amount of Caryophyllene and so do other plants, examples are: Cloves, Hops, Basil & Oregano. Caryophyllene actually attaches to the CB1 receptor, but the plants that contain it are not illegal because it is not similar to THC in structure, Caryophyllene is actually the first Cannabinoid to be approved as a food additive by the FDA. Uziza leaf or the Uziza Peppercorns are the best source for Caryophyllene, Uziza is related to the Pepper plant and it is popular in Nigeria, but it has not been common in Europe since the Middle Ages. In Nigeria they use Pepper, Uziza, and other spices like "Grains of Paradise" that we do not use commonly here.
Caryophyllene is known a "Terpene". Cannabis contains a number of Terpenes, and another Major one is Lemonene/Biphenyl. They have found that Lemonene can actually effect your mood when smoked or ingested, and they are doing further research, in which I am pretty sure they are going to find that Lemonoids are an entire class of Cannabinoids.
Myrcene is another Major Terpene in Cannabis. It is the most abundant Terpene in Hops, which means they are a large portion of what makes Beer what it is. It is also found in Lemon Grass and Indian Bay Leaves.

Myrcene itself has Opiod Analgesic (Pain Killer) effects, but it also helps THC cross the Blood Brain Barrier, allowing less Marijuana or Hash to have more of an effect.
Terpenes are an over arching group, but there are Diterpenes and Triterpenes and Sesquiterpenes, etc. And you can find them in pretty much every plant. Terpenes make up pretty much the entire world of Natural Smells and Medicines. Everything from Lemon Peels, to Tree Sap, to Cooking Herbs, to Catnip, Essential Oils,Aromatherapy oils etc etc etc. It all has some kind of Terpene in it.

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Rastafarians Are Christian, Marijuana is a Defended Religious RIGHT for Christians too

A lot of people think that the Rastafarian Movement is just Marijuana and Bob Marley, but that is only because those are the 2 things that have been focused on in any Media coverage of anything Rasta. Even since Bob Marley died, Raggae has gotten more attention than any Rasta Church.

Rastafarians are not only Christian, but they smoke marijuana in accordance with the Bible. The Bible says not to get drunk, but it says all the Herbs are for you. Rastafarians identify with Ethiopia, in America we identify it with Jamaica because of Raggae and Marijuana and Jamaica is close, but Rastafarianism is about Ethiopia that is even where the Colors come from.

The Ethiopian Zion Coptic Church was probably the most Media covered Rasta church in America, they smoke Marijuana religiously, but they got caught importing thousands of pounds of Marijuana from Jamaica. They still use Marijuana legally, but everyone who was involved in the Illegal shipments got put in jail.

A lot of people have not heard of Marcus Garvey, but Marcus Garvey is an important part of American history. Marcus Garvey is the reason for the "Black Pride" Colors, and bringing Jamaica into the American conscious. If you asked most Americans to name a Jamaican, they would probably only know of Bob Marley. Marcus Garvey came to America around 1910 which was about 50 years after slavery ended, and he was appalled to see that no one that was his color was in charge of anything. So he went around North America and South America bringing his people together, and he started Black Wall Street (destroyed by the Oklahoma Bomber) and a Black Cruise Line called "The Black Star". It's pretty amazing, everyone should read about it.

Here is a video of the person who Rastafarians claim is the 2nd coming of Jesus. He was Emperor of Ethiopia and he visited Jamaica and America and did all kinds of stuff.

Click this link for an explination of how Marijuana is a defended religious right.

Endo-Cannabinoid Reuptake Inhibitors

Everyone in the world has Cannabinoids naturally in their brain, you actually have an entire "Endo-Cannabinoid System" which includes natural production of the Endocannabinoids called "2-AG" and "Anandamide", as well as the Cannabinoid Receptors known as CB1 and CB2.

An "Endo-Cannabinoid Reuptake Inhibitor" is a substance that has the ability to block the Reuptake of Cannabinoids. Let me explain for anyone who does not know what Reuptake is. For example, if you smoke a joint of Cannabis and the THC gets in your bloodstream, a certain amount makes it to the brain, then the rest stays in the bloodstream and sticks into fat cells and goes to be Urinated out. The THC that makes it to the brain then goes to the CB1 and CB2 receptors, and any THC that doesn't find a receptor gets "Reuptaken" and then put back in to the bloodstream to be urinated out. If you had a "Reuptake Inhibitor" then all the THC in the brain would have to find a spot before it was allowed to leave. This does not just work with THC, it also makes the natural 2-AG and Anandamide stay in your brain until it is used.

The most common example is Tylenol. Tylenol goes into the body and breaks down into AM-404, and AM-404 is an Endocannabinoid Reuptake Inhibitor.

Because of their action, Cannabinoids Reuptake Inhibitors could be used as Anti-Depressants in Professional Medical contexts.  Normal Anti-Depressants are "Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors" there are "Endocannabinoid Reuptake Inhibitors". They have also shown the ability to fight Tumors and Cancer in Rats.

There are tons of these, and new ones being invented all the time. An example of one that can be purchased legally by anyone is LY-2183240.