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What is the Polytheistic Temple?

Religion used to be about creating Scientific and Social structures that could be passed down and taught to the next generation. Above is the "Never Eat Soggy Waffles" Mnemonic that helps people remember "North East South West" so they can find just 1 direction and know all 4 once they know 1. This is what Polytheism does, it ties things together so that you can remember things and do things. We will start by publishing a book, then from there I will start a temple where I can print the book and breed plants and people can come eat there and do ceremonies.. Then once that gets going we will give free seeds and plants to anyone who wants to grow them (This is not just about Marijuana, Shiva is one of MANY Gods) and anyone who wants to print a book and put it on a shelf there, can, and I am a registered Minister, so I can register new people as Ministers.

We will also teach people how to make Towns and how to Become Judges or Mayors etc., we will not support Political Campaigns, but we will connect any members who start a PAC with any members who decide to run for something.

You have probably heard of Birth stones, each month is related to a Gem and a Constellation. Then each Planet is related to a metal. This may seem pointless to someone today, but in the past it was extremely helpful in the creation of Metal Alloys, which then let us discover Steel. They would mix different Metals together to in alignment with Planetary correlation, and created Alloys. A lot of people thought they could use this to turn other metals in to Gold, but wjat they did was create things like White Gold and Sterling Silver. The Planets are also where we get our days of the week. This is known as "The Ogdoad" and it has been around since Ancient Egypt. Months come from the Moon calendar, and each "Moonth" has  about 1 full moon Cycle. Some people like to make the claim "The Planets are named after Gods, the Gods are not named for the Planets" and that would make a lot of sense if each culture discovered the Planets on their own, but we know that the Egyptians created the Ogdoad, passed it down to the Greeks, then the Greeks passed their Gods to the Romans, then the Romans passed it to the Christian Church where the Planets/Heavenly Bodies are called the "7 Heavens". Venus is also known as "The Morning Star" because it can be seen in the Morning and Evening, a Venus year is 584 days.

Saturn = Saturday
Sun = Sunday
Moon = Monday
Mars = Tuesday
Mercury = Wednesday
Jupiter = Thursday
Venus = Friday

Venus = ♀
Mars = ♂

Sun = Gold
Moon = Silver
Mercury = Mercury
Venus = Copper
Mars = Iron
Jupiter = Tin
Saturn = Lead

Then, there are the Constellations. Most people think that they are random, as if someone decided "That one looks like a Fish and that one looks like a Bull, let's worship them" that is not what happened. The Earth goes around the Sun, as we all know, and as the Earth goes around the Sun the Sun actually seems to move across the Horizon and it passes through those Constellations. Every day the Sun comes up in a slightly different spot than the day before, and in 365 days it goes back to the original spot. This is how Egyptians and Mayans had such great Calendars, they just made a wall to act as a fake Horizon for the Sun, then they would mark a line on the wall where the Sun rose, and at the end of the year they had 365 marks.

Aries, the Ram=April=Amethyst
Taurus, the Bull=May=Agate
Gemini, the Twins=June=Beryl
Cancer, the Crab=July=Emerald
Leo, the Lion=August=Ruby
Virgo, the Virgin=September=Jasper
Libra, the Balance=October=Diamond
Scorpio, the Scorpion=November=Topaz
Sagittarius, the Archer=December=Carbuncle
Capricorn, the Goat=January=Onyx Chalcedony
Aquarius, the Waterbearer=February=Sapphire
Pisces, the Fishes=March =Chrysolite

 This brings us to the Holidays, and Plants. Plants help show us what seasons are coming by changing colors (Winter brings Red Colors out, Spring brings all the others), and people used to and still do plant their crops based on the planets. If you get a "Old Farmer's Almanac" for 2015, you will see planting cycles that go with the Planets, this is also where Holidays come from. The Constellations are also important to some Holidays, for example, Easter comes from the Constellation Taurus. It is covered for 3 days by the Sun, the on the 3rd day you can see it again and then Spring starts. Easter was always a Holiday, it was decided Jesus died that day much later.

We will also be breeding plants together. The Mint Family and the Pepper family can be found in Religion as things like Kava Kava or Salvia Divinorum or Dittany of Crete, and I want to create some Intergentic Hybrids of these Religious plants and their relatives, so that we can create entirely new plants that have never existed before.

Then, Using extractions of Terpenes and Resins from Religious Plants and Intergenetic Hybrids, we will make Perfume and Incense.

Above are pictures of a Wine smell wheel and a Beer Flavor wheel, these are examples of a modern type of Dionysus chart. Dionysus was the God of Wine, and there were also Goddesses of Beer (They were usually Goddesses and Fermenting was compared to Child Gestation). The temple will be trying to create things like this for Marijuana and other plants that have smells and Flavors, so that people can be more professional and defined about their overall experiences with these things. We will make and give away different kinds of Religious Teas and Ceremonial Wines and things like that.

Here is a website where you can trade plants now, as well as a guide for how to make your own plant Strain.

We will also promote the reading of various religious texts, as well as charity work and we will help people all around the world find their Gods and create Polytheistic Temples.

Rudra is one of Shiva's main incarnations. The word "Shiva" literally means "Kind", and Shiva only exists when Rudra is in the act of being Shiva.

This may seem confusing, but Rudra himself is associated with the Rudraksha Mala which will help explain this. You have probably seen a necklace that looks like this.
These Orange beads are actually seeds from a plant. They are considered important because if you can hold a necklace made of these and consider it more important than a necklace made of Gold, you have opened up doors to the world you otherwise would not have. India is where the art of carving Diamonds was perfected, and these beads are a good representation of a main idea in Hinduism. These beads/seeds have many "faces" just like a diamond and just like the Gods.
Hinduism has many Gods that are one God, this is how when you say "Shiva the Destroyer" you can be talking about a good guy, because Creation and Destruction are the same God. You can not create a necklace without destroying some seeds, you can not unlock a diamond without taking tools to it, and you can not have humanity without changing the old in to something new.

According to Myth Shiva must have his eyes on the Universe at all times or it will fall in to Darkness. So Parvati (A Form of his Wife Kali) covered his eyes to try to bring him out of a Meditation, and a 3rd one opened on his forehead. His left and right eyes represent his activities on Earth, while his 3rd Eye represents the activity of his spiritual wisdom and it can see beyond the apparent to destroy Evil.

In another Myth, Shiva is in deep Meditation over the death of his wife, and the God of Love and Desire shoots him with and Arrow to try to bring him out of it. This assault opened Shiva's third eye, and it burned the God of Desire to Ashes.

The 3rd Eye allows him to burn desire (and pretty much anything) to ashes, this is what has earned him the Title "Shiva the Destroyer".

The story of Shiva is meant to teach us not to desire. Shiva stays away from desire, because he knows that when the object of desire is gone there will be great sorrow and rage developed. In the case of these myths, it was his wife.

Your "3rd Eye" is your Pineal Gland in your Brain, and when you close your eyes it releases Melatonin so you can sleep. When you meditate Melatonin is also released.
A lot of people do not realize this, but Marijuana is something that has been tied to Hindu culture for around 4,000 years. "Hindu" started in the "Indus Valley", you can still see this is the name "Hindu" it just just "Indus" with an "H" on the beginning and no "S" at the end.

The Indus Valley is where the Rig Veda was written, and the Rig Veda is the oldest Hindu text. The entire book is dedicated to the Gods Indra and Rudra and the many forms they take, and one the main Gods they take the form of is Shiva.

According to Myth, Shiva was walking in a Celestial Desert and he was getting hot and wanted to sleep, so he found shade under a Marijuana plant and slept. Then when he woke, he was so grateful to the plant that he sent it down to live on Earth. The Marijuana plant is in and of itself the very representation of Shiva on Earth. A Marijuana plant is to Shiva what a Crucifix is to Jesus.

You may be thinking "Well that is just an ancient story, that doesn't mean that getting high is part of their religion" and if you are thinking that, you are very mistaken. Marijuana is not just part of their ancient tradition, but also the modern religion, And not only are College kids or other people outside the main culture of their country smoking, it is everyone. There is a Holiday in India known as "Holi", and "Holi" might actually be where the term "Holiday"/"Holi-Day" comes from. On Holi, they will get tons of Marijuana out, and a bunch of people use their extra leaves and nugs to make Marijuana Milk by letting the Plant Material sit in Milk.

A lot of people think that going to Christianity is the "Moral" path. The only thing they see besides Christianity is Islam, but that is just because the Media likes to make things look like a Football game. "Police VS Rioters" or "Christianity VS Islam" or "Democrats VS Republicans" or "Terror VS Us". But these are all false dichotomies.
The book below is from the Kemetic Religion. It was written by a man who was (Supposedly) 110 years old named Ptahhotep. He lived his life and his son was about to become a Ruler, so he decided write this book so that Rulers would have a guide. And in my opinion if people had been reading this since it was written, we would have been a lot better off as a species.
The Egyptian "Everlasting God" is Ma'at, Ma'at holds the Universe together and she represents Balance, Justice and Truth. She can also be considered "The Singularity" before the Big Bang, because according to what Ma'at is, all of the Universe is actually one thing. Earth, Mars and Pluto are not separate in essence, only in physical form. We all came from one thing, and we are all one thing acting together.
I just wanted to point out what Ma'at was, because in the book Ma'at literally can be switched out for any God if you so choose, because Ma'at is the constant in the Universe that does not change, no matter how much you try to change it.
Chrstians also like to say "All the other Gods came out of Heaven, our God made heaven" but that is also something that started in Egypt.

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