Wednesday, December 31, 2014

What is a Motherplant?

When people say that they have a "Mother plant" in their grow/grow room, they are referring to a large female plant that is in a constant state of vegetation.
What is special about it is, usually you pick your favorite plant, from your favorite strain to be you mother plant (once you have seen how fast/tall it grows, or if you've seen it's mother grow), and you make a clone. That clone will be the mother plant, and all your other plants can go into flower, get harvested and be gone.

But what the mother plant allows you to do, is make clones of not just any plant, but your favorite plant. And a guaranteed female, since you cloned it.
You just keep the "Mother plant" in veg, and clone it whenever you want. (I'll make a thread on cloning next grow I visit, or of my own, I need pictures or video for that).
Mother plants can get very big, and you might even want to just keep a mother plant through 2 or 3 grows, then make a new one, and see what she flowers into after all that veg time :D If you give her a big enough bucket, it'll be something beautiful, and huge :D

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