Wednesday, December 31, 2014

What is Bagseed?

Many people have seen bagseed in their lifetime, but aren't sure what the term means.

"Bagseed" is the seeds that you may find in the bag, when looking through a sack of weed.
Some people think of these as completely worthless, and in the case of the super compact, dark brown, crushed seeds bud. They are right.
These seeds are worthless, and if you got one to grow, it probably wouldn't be to pretty.
But bagseed can grow, and if your bud isn't super super compact, enough to crush all the seeds, then the seeds will probably germinate. And if the bud is green, and gets you pretty high, then it will probably grow into some pretty good bud.

I've grown seeds from Texas (But grew them in a MMJ state), and gotten buds that are just as frosty as any dispensaries, and got me higher than some :D
Just random "Reggie" TexMex bagseed :D Turned into some Dank dank :D

So plant your bagseed, you never know what your going to get
You could have some master phenotype for all weed that will take us into the next age of weed smoking.
Plant your seeds, even if just outside, to never be taken care of again.
You never know where these seeds will thrive. They originate from some of the worst deserts in the world.

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