Wednesday, December 31, 2014

What Are Feminized Seeds?

"Feminized" means that the seed is guaranteed to be a female.
The reason that this can happen, is that plants can "Hermie". This means that a female plant can become a "Hermaphrodite" through stress. Because it feels it needs to make seeds, and will not find a male plant in time. It pollinates itself, makes seeds and these seeds are all females.

This is best for most indoor growers, but can also cause problems as feminized seeds tend to hermie easier than regular female plants, from seeds pollinated by a male plant.

There is another problem with feminized seeds.
There is no potential for breeding. You will get no male plants in a bag of feminized seeds, and therefore cannot breed in any way, "cross breed" in any way, or make a new strain of your own, or anything.
You can just grow buds, and harvest them.
But that's all a lot of people are trying to do.

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