Wednesday, December 31, 2014

The Difference Between Indica and Sativa

There are actually 3 species of Marijuana.
But right now I'll just be talking about the 2 kinds for smoking. Indica, and Sativa. The third is Rudaralis, but that's for hemp fiber mostly.

Indica is a heavier high, more in your body, your limbs, maybe in your head, but it'll be a heavy, maybe drowsy feeling. Not an excited or giggly.
They're best for night time, like when you are going to bed, and for patients that want a "couch lock" high to forget about their pain.
It grows short, and compact, and the buds are usually huge and dense, with very thick sometimes rounded leaves.
Indica originally meant "From India", but I am almost certain that you can't trace all Indicas back to India. The phenotypes for both are in most plants, but this isn't a post about phenotypes. That's for another time.

Sativa is lighter. More of a head high. You could go to work, and function alright, but it might also provoke great thoughts, and good meditative states depending on the strain. But this is the species that will have you giggling your ass off, and thinking happy thoughts.
It grows tall, stretches a lot, and the leaves are thin. The buds grow close to the stem, and don't get to big, and they aren't big yeilders usually, but the highest THC contents that get bred, are always Sativa.

How to tell when you're just buying buds:
If there are some leaves, you can maybe tell from that. But dried leaves look too similar to the untrained eye to really decide.
You can try by smoking...
Knock out, Couch lock, Body High= Indica
Happy, Uplifting, Head high=Sativa

But there are some strains that will do things their species isn't supposed to...So you can never really know for sure.
The only sure fire way to know is to grow it yourself...Or know the grower well enough to not be lied to.
Or like I said before, you could try to gauge the smoke.

Otherwise just assume everything is Hybrid, most stuff is anyways. Even in dispensaries...

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