Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Should We Allow Male Marijuana Plants in Nature?

We should allow plants to do whatever they want in nature, so they can spread rapidly, and be abundant naturally.

Some people complain that their outdoor grows get pollinated by nearby male plants that must be somewhere.
But there is no reason to complain about this,
Bees carry pollen, the wind carries pollen. Male pollen, is meant to make it to the female flower.

If we try to take the male plants out of nature, then it wont spread naturally.
It will stay only where humans grow it, or clone it to. Future generations may only have indoor plants to smoke, and it may end up being gone from nature.
If you don't want to deal with nature, don't grow in it.

And if you get seeds,
Plant them. Even if you can't take care of them.
Try to find a nice place with a sprinkler, or creek, or anything.
If 25% of people that came across seeds planted them, it could change the country.

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