Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Shiva the Destroyer

Ok, so a lot of people Google "Shiva" and read "The Destroyer" and they think "Oh no, anyone who says Shiva is God must want to destroy things". But if you think that, then maybe you should not be allowed to use Search engines, because you must have read like 1 sentence on Wikipedia and not even tried to learn anything before forming an entire opinion about an entire group that has existed since 2000 BC.

Creation is destruction. If you want to create a computer, you have to turn Sand into Silicon, which DESTROYS the sand, but CREATES silicon. Then you have to make all the other stuff by destroying copper wire to form it into special patterns creating a microchip. Etc.
Creation and Destruction and one act. They are not 2 things, they are 1. Anyone who hears "Shiva the Destroyer" and thinks that the person is "lashing out", you literally have no idea what you are talking about.

Have you ever made coffee? Guess what, you destroyed coffee beans, you are a destroyer. But what did you do with those beans? You created a cup of coffee.

Have you ever smoked weed? You literally burned something. DESTROYED it. But it created a feeling in you. That is Shiva. Creation and Destruction are 1 act.

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