Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Random Marijuana Tips

If your bud is wet, set it on paper towels, do not put bud in the microwave for long periods of time. You can put it in the oven and leave the door cracked using a wooden spoon, this is how jerky is made.

There are dense buds and loose buds. Sometimes loose buds are an indicator that the flower season was interrupted or something, but it can also just be the way some strains naturally are.

If you have ever wondered why Mexican marijuana is bricked, it is because they are trying to ship it. If they figured out some hash screening methods and realized how much seeds cost in America, they could be turning reggie into some bricks of amazing hash and pick a few strains to grow and start sending people up with bags of seeds and ready to chop clones. The drug war would be over pretty quick if people could buy clones and hash regularly on the black market. There would just be too much money in it and the states would have to legalize.

Mixing Marijuana and Tobacco, this is common in Europe, some people say mixing Marijuana and Tobacco boosts the effects.

The difference between hash and resin. Resin has already been burned by fire and contains the ashes that have fallen into your pipe as you smoke. It is basically smoke in solid form mixed with ash, while hash is extracted from the plant material. If you already knew this, then obviously this was not for you. I know it is common knowledge, but there are always new people doing this, and some people think that the black on the inside of their bowl is painted there. (It's not painted, it's resin from you smoking) And that is not an exaggeration, I literally had someone ask me why they paint the bowls when I was smoking with them.

Purple weed is grown by keeping your grow temperatures low, or blasting them with cold at certain periods.

You germinate a seed by putting it in soil and keeping the soil moist, or by putting the seed in a wet paper towel that you squeezed the water out of. Then that paper towel with the seeds is sealed inside a plastic bag.

Veg is the period where your plant is growing its branches and everything.

Flower is where your plant focuses on buds and the branches it has, it takes about 2 months for most plants to finish.

Autoflowers are plant that don't need a flower season and will finish much faster than most plants.

Indica means "From India" Sativa means "Cultivated or to Cultivate"

Marijuana butter is not just for brownies, it can be made in to cookies, put on pizza or made in to pretty much anything.

Curing Marijuana is after you let it dry, where you work with the water left in the stem to make your flowers finish perfectly.

Indoor growing allows you to grow at any time, outdoor season is Spring through Fall and harvest is August-November depending on strain.

UVB light exists in all of Marijuana's natural habitats, this is the same light used in Lizard cages.

CFLs and LEDs are good lights for Veg. LEDs can also be used for Veg, but at least a small wattage of HPS should be added to get the plant to its full potential.

Vaporizing is when you do not actually burn the material, but turn it into a vapor. The effects are not much different.

When you eat Marijuana, it lasts longer and takes 45 minutes to start working. It can also make you feel off balanced and extremely giggly if you only do it occasionally. I am not sure on dosage difference, but I suggest using more MJ for food than you would to smoke, and using trim from your grow is the best way to make the strongest stuff for cheap.

"Landrace" means it is a strain that naturally grows in a region. Ex: If you went to a Brazilian forest and found a marijuana plant that was seeding, those plants would be "Brazilian landrace".

You can grow regular seeds from cheap/bricked Marijuana. As long as the seeds are intact they should be fine and if you can't grow them, you should give them to other people or put them in places where they will grow, like where there are sprinklers.

The reason Marijuana costs so much more (dramatically more) than other produce by the pound is because it is grown in extremely limited amounts, and there aren't any industrial marijuana farms, especially no competing ones.

Feminized seeds are seeds that were made between a Hermie plant and a female plant, all the seeds are female guaranteed. Breeders do this to make sure people aren't getting a bunch of their strain seeds for free.

A lot of people say that white walls are fine in a grow, but I promise if you get some Mylar Blankets aka Heat Blankets or Space Blankets for cheap on amazon and use them around your grow to reflect the light back at the plants, you will see a massive difference in your plants.

"Swallowing smoke" is something that happens for new smokers, it is where you accidentally swallow instead of inhaling. Sometimes this causes burps of smoke.

Hotboxing is smoking a joint or blunt in a small space so that the smoke is contained in the area.

Shotgunning, when you turn a joint backwards holding the cherry in your mouth and blow the smoke into someone else's mouth.

Trichombes are the clear little heads that make up the frosty or dusty look on your bud that shines. This is what you are mainly smoking.

Trim is the leaves and stuff that the plant grows in order to get light to grow the buds, and you chop it off, then it is trim.

Sugar leaf is the leaves that don't fully form because they are growing during flower, they also grow trichombes on them more than the other leaves.

If you smoke your Marijuana like a cigarette, you WILL get higher by holding it in a little longer. But if you hold in Marijuana longer than like 10 seconds, you aren't doing anything except possibly causing damage if you have a huge plume of smoke in your lungs.

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