Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Outdoor Marijuana Growing (Short Guide)

Outdoor growing starts in the Spring.
If you're growing indoors, there is no limit to when you can grow, and how long you can Veg or Flower your plants.

But outdoors, you must be in the correct season. And the seasons only last a certain amount of time.
The big plus with growing outside though is the light. You don't have to pay for it, and there's enough there for any number of plants, to be as beautiful as they can.
February, March, and April are your key planting seasons.

You don't want to try much later than this because:
1.The plant won't have much time to grow before it starts flowering
2.Won't have much time before summer comes, and in some states, the sun isn't nice to tiny baby plants

So those are your key months for planting, and harvest will be between late August, and early November depending on the strain of weed you have.
And, Outdoors plants are said to yield between 1-2lbs/SquareMeter.

You can start a plant indoors and take it outdoors and get a much larger plants.

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