Tuesday, December 30, 2014

New Invention to Catch 2nd Hand Smoke

I have made this once with Water bottles and fish tubing, but it could be done in little glass bottles and be pretty small.

This is NOT a smoking device, it is something to blow your smoke into. You puff your pipe or cigarette or whatever, then you blow the 2nd hand smoke into this instead of into the air. If you are smoking Marijuana, you can dry it out and use it as hash.

You would put Drinking Alcohol, Rubbing Alcohol or Lemonene in the water bottles, because THC does not extract into water, but you could probably use water if you were just using it for catching 2nd hand smoke.

It would either be called a "Recycler" because you can reuse the Marijuana smoke as hash, or a "Smoke Catcher" or something like that.

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