Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Kitchen Cannabinoids & Terpenes

Pepper is so common that we don't even really think about what it is, but Pepper and the Pepper Family of plants are pretty much Terpene Machines. Pepper contains things like Caryophyllene, which is a Cannabinoid that hits the CB1 receptor, but Pepper does not have very much. If you get Anxiety when you smoke Marijuana, Black Pepper can help. It does not only contain Cannabinoids but has a few effects on your CYP Enzymes.

And this may be surpising to some people, but Lemon Zest contains Lemonene, which works with Cannabinoids to effect your mood, and there is research being done on Limonoids right now, and I am pretty sure they are going to find that Limonoids are Cannabinoids.
Uziza is closely related to Pepper, and it contains much more Caryophyllene. Uziza is used with Pepper to flavor food in Nigeria, and it used to be used commonly in Europe, but it has not been common outside of Nigeria since the Middle Ages. In Africa they have all kinds of Spices that a lot of us have not heard of, like "Grains of Paradise".

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Another relative of the Pepper plant is Kava Kava which contains a Cannabinoid called "Yangonin" as well as Kavalactones that complement Cannabinoids. If you get a good amount of Kava  and smoke some Cannabis, it is possible to feel like your first time smoking again. Being all like "Woah".
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Then there is Sea Urchin Eggs aka Sea Urchin Roe, it is considered an Aphrodisiac and it contains Anandamide which is a Cannabinoid that is produced inside your own brain.
Bulk Roe
And Black Truffles have also been found to contain Anandamide and other Terpenes that give it a smell that allows Pigs and Dogs to find it so that it can spread.
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