Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Kali & Shiva

According to Hindu Mythology, Shiva (Marijuana) is Married to Kali (Datura), and Sadhus in India mix these two plants together sometimes when they smoke (as well as things like snake venom on occasion).

Datura when taken in low doses works as an "anti-spasmatic" and general relaxant, at high doses it can cause hallucination and death if too much is taken. It is also famously known as "Jimson weed" for its use in Jamestown, where it was fed to British soldiers so that they would have hallucinations like in the first Batman movie when they smoke that mountain flower.

I am growing some of this right now to mix with bud sometimes when I smoke, I have smoked and eaten small bits of leaves before and I have had a seed pod, but I have never taken enough to Hallucinate. It is not a "Hallucinogen" but makes you Hallucinate via making you delirious.

Datura grows all over the world and is extremely common between West Texas and East California. They are also known as "Angel's Trumpet" because of their large trumpet like flowers, or "Thorn apple" because of their spikey green seed pods.

Traditionally, this has been mixed with Marijuana in low amounts. And when people take it in large amounts, they reporting seeing people who they know and having discussions with them, but they aren't really there. Sometimes people they have not seen for years, or who are no longer alive. Another common occurrence is "phantom cigarettes", where the person thinks they are smoking and will drop the cigarette only to find that there never was one. These effects do not happen at low doses.

There is a clinical version of Datura (The chemical in Datura is Atropine) called "Benztropine", and it can have similar effects

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