Tuesday, December 30, 2014

How Marijuana is a Defended Religious RIGHT in America

A lot of people are unaware that anyone's Religion in America has Freedoms apart from Christianity. In fact, some people don't even believe other religions exist, even religions that are 12% of Earth's population. If you have never heard of "Shiva" he is worshiped by certain groups of Hindus and Certain groups of Buddhists. He is also worshiped in his "pre-Shiva" form, which is "Rudra". So if we get into all of Shiva's forms, it could be more than 12%. But Shiva himself is worshiped by 12% of the planet.
Here are what India calls "Sadhu"s, they worship Shiva by smoking Marijuana or Hash out of a pipe or paper, but usually a "Chillum" pipe. They wear Rudraksha beads to represent Rudra and the Smoke Marijuana to Represnt Shiva. I do the same. Just because I am in America, does not mean my religion does not exist. I was arrested in Texas for this and they acted like ther ewas no way my religion could possibly involve Marijuana. But I was also 14 and 17 when these happened, so it's not their fault, they just didn't want to listen to a kid. But they were and are dead wrong.
American Laws Protect A Few Different Things:
Smoking Marijuana in Public For Shiva Festivals
Religious Public Speech is protected by these rulings, which were both MEANT to defend the most extreme of groups, since they both ruled this way in defense of the Ku Klux Klan.
NO law shall be made to promote or hinder a religion.
Laws may not be passed that decide how religious doctrine should work
No one has to prove anything about their religion in court unless they want to
You do not have to define a supreme being. They specifically note that Texas law does not define a supreme being.
This ruling says that individuals do not have religious exemption in the context of a job
But religious companies can reject laws they do not agree with according to the Hobby Lobby Ruling.
Also, Ayahuasca has been ruled legal for religious use by the supreme court, and it is protected by the Religious Freedom Restoration Act.

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