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How Humans Learned to Farm

Around 9,000 BC we see the first evidence of Fig trees in Jordan (in the West Bank of Palestine), Fig trees will come up a few times later. And if you remember, they were in the Bible a lot. This is the first evidence of Agriculture, but more is needed to know for sure, but they are considered to have been "domesticated figs". Figs also showed up around this time (not necessarily domesticated) in Gilgal, Jericho, Netiv Hagdud. The site in the West Bank is called "Gesher".
Fig trees cannot pollinate themselves, they need the help of another creature such as a "fig wasp", which may be evidence that the Fig Wasp taught us about farming. The wasps life cycle is based on the cycles of the tree, so it would have probably been very educational for early humans to watch their habits.
The Cluster Fig is still considered sacred in India.
 We have all heard the story of the "Garden of Eden", where Adam and Eve ate of the "Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil", which made them "Like God". Then also in the story, they say that there is a "Tree of Life", and that supposedly makes people immortal. But in most cultures there was only one tree, the Tree of Life. In Ancient Egypt the Tree of Life was even identifies as the "Acacia" tree or "The Wattle Tree" to Aussies. The Acacia tree developed a resistance to flames around 20,000,000 years ago, meaning that fire was a pretty big problem back then. Some other strange facts about the Acacia, they evolved to work together with Ants, where they let ants live in holes in their thorns, while the ants protect them from parasites. These plants are also known to (depending on species and season) contain: DMT, 5-Meo-DMT & Mescaline.
Egyptian Tree of Life
Acacia extractions are not difficult, the Egyptians were known to have Naptha which could have been used to make extractions, but even just water and a heat source would have been enough. In South America they make a brew called "Ayahuasca" which is DMT plants mixed with MAOI plants in a tea. If it were boiled all the way down, or left to evaporate, you would be left with something similar to hash, but with MUCH different effects than cannabis.
One of the species of Acacia that does NOT have Alkaloids (DMT, etc) makes use of ants. It feeds the ants, and the ants protect it. The ants probably let people to food (tiny pellets that the tree feeds the ants) meaning the ants probably showed someone the tree for food, and they found that it's sister could be used to "gain knowledge" through alkaloids. 
There is no known use for this stuff except to feed the ants.
India Tree of Life
Cayonu Turkey (One of the First Farming Civilizations) and Mureybet Syria (The Other First Farming Civilization) where they found farm spots AND Venuses and... Figs. These people probably came from the people at Jericho and Urfa.
During this time, the Bible says (or at least the people that argue for it say this) the world did not exist yet, since it is only 6,000 years old which means it started in 4,000 BC. But somehow the people in the Bible were talking about stuff from this time period as if it happened later... And around this time, Turkey was becoming something like a hub of technology,
History according to the Bible
Turkey Could be the Land of the Gods: http://finshaggy.blogspot.com/2014/07/black-history-civilization-starters.html
We Still Celebrate Ancient Turkish Culture today: http://finshaggy.blogspot.com/2014/07/black-turkishgreek-spainish-history.html
"Fruit" is the "Ovaries" of the plant, where the seeds are held. A "Vegetable" is ANY part of a plant, including a fruit. So fruit is a vegetable, but vegetables are not fruit. I learned this by reading about Oklahoma's state vegetables (I just wanted to know all the state vegetables on day for some reason) and they have the watermelon as their vegetable. I thought they were stupid, until I looked it up, and learned that fruits are vegetables.
Once we learned that fruit was where the seeds are, we would have soon after learned germination, as our "garbage" seeds began to grow, using any fish leftovers, feces etc as fertilizer. Or even just growing naturally. We do know that when we came in to contact with the native Americans they knew about fish as fertilizer, and they are sometimes considered to be a "snapshot into the stoneage". Germination itself is pretty simple and may have come before farming, it is where you put seeds in a place where you know they will grow roots. You can germinate them in dirt, or in an isolated place (in modern times people use a wet paper towel in a plastic bag, or a petri-dish and agar as food).
Eventually we would have learned what a Male plant was and what a Female plant was, because some plants don't have fruit. Those are the males. And to make "Seedless watermelon" or "Seedless Marijuana" you just have to remove the males. But, if you want to breed new types of plants (which we have learned a lot more about in the past few hundred years, but they would have had basic knowledge of as far as male/female, good plant let it breed/bad plant don't), you have to keep the males and make seeds.
As we learned Farming, we would have learned "Cloning" which is where you use a branch from a plant (cut at the node) to root an entirely new plant. I am not sure when the first ever "mother plant" was, but it was probably around this time.
As they began cloning and pruning (cutting off extra leaves and branches) they would have discovered "topping", topping is where you chop a branch around the same place you clone, but as close to the new growth as possible. Then, 2 branches will grow out of that spot instead of one.
Here is an example of a plant that has recently been cut on the main stem
Here is a plant that has had time to grow out its 2 new branches.
Here is a plant that was chopped many times in many places and  allowed to grow out.
And eventually we would have learned "Grafting" which can be used to grow a weaker plant on top of a stronger plant's root system. If you graft where you take clones from, you can grow like 5 different species of plant (or more than 5) with 1 root system.
I am not sure if people learned how to breed cows or plants first, but at some point people realized that you could control the outcome of a generation by deciding what animals breed. Intricate knowledge of this process is evident in the "Mazatec" tribe, who somehow without modern breeding techniques were able to take mint and sage (which are non psychoactive species) and breed them together to make salvia, which is known to make people hallucinate.
Modern Understanding

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