Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Cannabinoids & Endo-Cannabinoid Reuptake Inhibitors

If you live in a state where Marijuana is Illegal, and you honestly do not feel as if Marijuana is religious to you. There is a plant called Uziza, and a plant called Kava. Both of these are legal across America, and both of them are Cannabinoids. Buy these for yourself, or give them to someone as a Christmas gift.

Both of these plants are related to the regular pepper plant that you use with salt. Uziza contains Caryophyllene, which attaches to the Cannabinoid receptors. Kava contains Kavalactones, which also attach to the Cannabinoid receptors.

Kava can be found on Amazon and various enthnobotanical/entheogen shops. Kava can be made into tea (traditional Indonesian method) or Capsules, it tastes horrible so capsules is best. It will make your tongue numb for a minute if you don't use capsules.

Uziza can only be found on 1 website as far as I am aware. But it is less than 4.00 an oz, so awesome price if you are smoking it. It is traditionally used in Nigeria to make Soup, so you would throw the whole ounce or half or a quarter in a crock pot, and mix it with some meat and Coco Yam (Basically African Soy), then share it with a group or family for a meal. But I have tested it smoking and a joint of it adds to Marijuana and has a light effect of it's own. I have not made butter from it yet for brownies or anything, but I plan on doing that soon and testing it.

If you live in a state where Marijuana is legal, you can mix Uziza and/or Kava and/or Sea Urchin Roe.

And, there are some Non-Cannabinoids that could help also. Lemon Grass Contains Myrcene and you can use it to make a hash. Myrcene helps THC get through the Blood Brain Barrier, and you will get higher if THC and Myrcene are in your system at the same time. Beer also contains Myrcene, from the Hops.

Tylenol is not a Cannabinoid, but it breaks down in to AM-404, which is a "Cannabinoid Reuptake Inhibitor", so if you take a Tylenol before smoking, it should help the Cannabinoids stay in your brain and get used up, instead of going back into the blood stream to be urinated out.

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